Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Signs of Spring and St. Patrick's Day

Last weekend we had some beautiful spring like weather.  I took the opportunity to get the whole family outside to soak up some vitamin D and get some work done in the vegetable garden.  We got all the beds cleaned up and ready to amend and  plant when the weather is warm enough.  The garden was full of signs that spring is just around the corner, so I decide to take a few pictures of the flowers that were blooming.

The plum tree out front is covered with very pretty pink buds and blossoms.

Grape Hyacinth are now popping up all around the garden.

The heather is an even deeper shade of pink than it was last month, I love pink heather blossoms, I think they are so pretty.

I have no idea what this shrub is, it was planted here when we moved in, it has pink buds that turn to a white blossom, but not quite like hydrangeas, they look similar though.

One lone tulip is starting to peek out, I love this dark orange color, all the other tulips are getting taller, but not quite ready to blossom.

Of course the crocus are in full bloom, and very pretty, I look forward to these pretty flowers every late winter.

With all that nice weather, I was looking forward to more sunny days, the rain, however, returned right away, which is to be expected in the Oregon valley.  Last night however, I was surprised when I looked out the window and saw the snow coming down in big flakes!

I tried to get a picture last night, but my camera was being uncooperative.  The snow accumulated pretty quickly.

This morning I got a couple more pictures before it melted away.  The dogs, especially my young one Zoey, had a blast running around through the snow.

We had a couple more tiny snow showers throughout the day, but it was to warm to really stick.
Although I am quite ready for the weather to warm up, snow always looks really pretty to me.  Plus the kids got a snow day, which is always fun.

We also decided to get the house ready for St. Patrick's Day, and leprechauns, shamrocks, and other touches of green have found a place on various shelves through the dining and living room.

I love my little Irish figures, and St. Patrick's Cherished Teddies.

Here is my little Harmony Pot Belly Leprechaun.

My Annalee Irish mouse with his Blarney stone.

A fun vintage reprint wooden picture for the coat closet door.

A few Irish gnomes have made themselves comfy on the craft cupboard.

And shamrocks have been tucked around the house.

Me and my daughter have been discussing our ideas for St. Patrick's Day desserts, and have come up with a few ideas that we are hoping to try.  We are hoping to give my new bake pop pan a try tonight, and make some sort of green cake pop.  We are watching my youngest niece and nephew tonight and tomorrow, so we thought we would have a little St. Patrick's Day fun while they were visiting and make a fun green dessert.

Hope everyone is having a nice week!


  1. What gorgeous pictures! Spring really is starting up, isn't it?

  2. That picture of the plum blossoms against that blue,blue sky is just stunning, April! Right now I'm having a brain freeze because I've seen your unidentified bush pictured in the Jungs catalog for years but can't remember its name. And I can't find their catalog to look it up, now! When I figure it out, I'll let you know. Your cake pops sound like a lot of fun for the Wearing of the Green!

  3. PS: Your mystery bush looks identical to a peppermint stick spirea.

  4. Such beautiful buds, and what fun greenery!

  5. Thanks for all of the nice comments! Jane, thanks for helping me figure out that shrub, I have been wondering for quite sometime. I look forward to looking up peppermint stick spirea tomorrow. Thanks :)


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