Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting Ready For The Holidays

Just a quick update- Holidays are in full swing at the Musgrove home. I love all holidays, and Christmas is the biggy. Every year I start my gift list as soon as the kids are back to school- about 80% of my gift shopping takes place online- and I like to finish before Thanksgiving. So right now my bedroom corner is filled with boxes from the UPS man- all eagerly waiting for wrapping day. I hope to get a lot wrapped before Thanksgiving. I always give my house a good deep clean before Thanksgiving for company and so I will be all ready to transform my house into its Christmassy self. I hope to post lots of pictures. Gary was out putting up Christmas lights today- as it was a rare non rainy day- we always turn on the lights as everyone leaves after Thanksgiving dinner. Then I spend the entire week after Thanksgiving getting up all of my decorations. Then comes all the cookie baking, and lots and lots of holiday TV specials and movies- here is a new Amazon listmania list I just made with most of my favorite holiday shows.

I also hope to get in some Christmas crafting- I have a few felt projects I would love to do. I will be posting pictures, and recipes in the weeks to come. Hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!