Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Garden's Summer.

My Veggie Garden.

I has been quite a long time since my last post- I took the summer off and enjoyed the freedoms of summer break with the kids. Now we are all back to school and on a schedule. I have a lot of exciting things to blog about this fall- probably my favorite time of year- although sometimes I think I say that about every season, but before I start in with fall stuff, I would like to share my summer garden.

What a great year our little 4 x 4 beds had- we were eating fresh green beans and loads of zucchini and all kinds of peppers. We even grew enough corn for one dinner. I had fun trying many different recipes for the zucchini- of course bread & cake- but I also made tempura with both the zucchini and green beans- yummy! And I came up with a super super easy zucchini fritter recipe- that is very good.

Super Easy Zucchini Fritters
1 Extra Large Zucchini de-seeded and grated in a food processor
5-6 eggs
1 1/2 cup flour
salt and pepper depends on how much you want
1 T dehydrated onions (fresh would probably be great too- more or less to your liking)
Enough vegetable oil to fill 1/2 inch deep in a sturdy frying pan and more to refill as needed.
Mix together all ingredients until all flour is moistened, and all zucchini is coated. Drop a small pancake size pile in the frying pan (depending on the size of your pan do 2-4 at a time) Use a slotted utensil to carefully flip fritter when edges start to brown- fry until both sides are a nice golden brown- some of mine I had to flip a couple of times to get it nice and golden. Carefully remove fritters from oil and transfer to a paper towel lined plate when they are done. This recipe made a bunch- between 12 and 16 fritters. We made a complete dinner out of these - Serve with Sour Cream and Salsa on the side. The whole family loved them- a great late summer goody- we don't fry food around here all that often so it was a real treat. You could probably make many interesting variations of this fritter as well- it would be fun to experiment with other veggies and maybe some herbs- but this was good and simple.
Our Zucchini found its way into a lot of our meals- we also grew a round variety that we are saving to carve at Halloween.
Hope everyone had a great summer!