Thursday, May 18, 2017

Starting My Garden 2017

I was so happy to get back out into the garden last week. Oregon has had a record year for rain fall, and as a result my garden has become very overgrown with weeds. However, last week the sun came out for three beautiful days, so I spent as much time as possible clearing my garden beds, and prepping them for planting. I also started clearing out some of my flower beds, and made room for a new fairy garden.

My dog Zoey enjoyed being out in the garden with me the whole time, she is so funny and loves to sniff every flower. It is nice having her out with me in the garden, and she is enjoying the sunny weather as well.

I posted a Week 1 Garden Vlog on my YouTube Channel. I did a little before tour, so you could see where I started, as well as what I accomplished last week. Here it is if you'd like to check it out.

This week has been very rainy once again. On Mother's Day the kids weeded and edged my entire front yard, which was such an awesome gift. I will include that in my upcoming weekly garden vlog. This week I hope to get some more weeding done, as well as planting the rest of my veggies and flowers.

So that is the beginning of my Spring/Summer 2017 gardening season, I look forward to a nice gardening season. :)

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