Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Peat Pot Baskets

I have been very busy this week with various tasks, and getting back on a regular schedule after all that wonderful spring break relaxation.  With Easter coming up this weekend, I have been getting things ready for our celebration.  Tonight Sarah and Joseph, along with some of the other kids in our church's youth group are putting on a puppet show for the younger children, as well as helping with the church's Easter egg dying family night.

Here is a picture of a cute Easter tree I found this last weekend, with a few of my Easter favors.

I saw a project that I wanted to make for Easter on pinterest a month or so back, and yesterday finally gathered up the rest of the supplies I needed to make this project.  I always like to bring a fun little gift for the kids in my Sunday school class for Easter, and when I saw a fun way to make a little basket, I knew it was just the thing to make this year.  I am also making some for my relatives.

The project involves making a little Easter basket out of a peat pot, the type you buy in the garden center for starting seeds, which are very inexpensive.  The handle is made with ribbon, just use a handheld hole puncher to make a hole- I lucked out on my last visit to the craft store, and found a bin full of clearance ribbon for a dollar a spool.

I lined the peat pot with a small piece of tissue paper, and then added crinkle paper Easter grass.

 I am filling each basket with little candies, like jelly beans, foil chocolate eggs, an Easter lolly pop, and a mini chocolate foil wrapped bunny.  I loved the gold miniature foil wrapped bunnies, they look just like the bigger ones!

I think these little baskets would be fun for take home gifts for Easter dinners, or school (and of course Sunday school) favors, and nice little gifts to bring to family.  ( A note of caution- the baskets when full are not always balanced, and the contents can tip out if held by the handle, so be sure and balance the candy, and have children carry the basket by the base as well as the handle- otherwise candy will be on the floor, you can guess how I figured that out, suffice it to say, Zoey, my lab, rather enjoyed helping me clean up a few of the spilled jelly beans) :)

Here's how they them turned out.

Last Sunday was Palm Sunday at church, we made paper palm leaves out of a very pretty textured green scrapbook paper, and attached a green craft stick with green duct tape to the back for a handle.

Here is a link to my Palm Sunday craft last year, a fun palm Sunday mini book with a Velcro palm leaf that can be moved under Jesus.

Here is also a link to my He Is Risen Easter craft from last year, a simple paper craft.

I am still working on my Easter craft and lesson for this year, with Easter so early this year, I have some catching up to do.

I love Easter, and love filling baskets for the children every year, I also make a little basket with treats in it for both dogs, they love their holiday treats as well.  The sun is supposed to come out this weekend, which will be perfect for everyone's egg hunting.

Hope everyone is enjoying Easter week, I look forward to posting more about Easter this week, and plan on making a batch of hot cross buns for good Friday tomorrow.


  1. The baskets made out of peat pot turned-out real well. You definitely have a special talent for arts and crafts. Reading your post reminded me of a time when I used to do some craft projects with children when I worked in pre-school.

  2. That is a cute little table favor idea. We used to make favors for the nursing home. These would be perfect. Have a joyous Easter, April!

  3. How pretty and fun!!

    I just wanted to let you know that I am passing on the One Lovely Blog Award to you. You can get more info at

  4. Thanks Mara, Jane, and Carrie! Jane, years ago we would make baskets for a local nursing home as well, these would be perfect for passing out at the nursing homes, what a great idea!

    I will have to remember this for next Easter, you could probably even make up some with sugar free candies and maybe some little non candy goodies. Thanks for the suggestion! :)


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