Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jesus' Ascension Craft

Tomorrow- June 2, 2011 - marks 40 days from Easter Sunday. In the book of Acts Chapter 1 (Acts 1:1-11) one can read the story of how, 40 days after Jesus' resurrection, he was taken up into Heaven. Forty days after Easter is known as Ascension.

One fun way to teach children this story is with a fun craft. All you need are scissors, glue, some white and blue construction paper, about a foot and a half of ribbon or yarn, a paper cup, and a printout of Jesus (if your child is artistic, they may enjoy drawing Jesus).

First cut into the bottom of a cup a small slit for the ribbon,flip the cup upside down, then glue blue paper on the outside of the cup (it would be much easier to buy blue cups if you plan to do this for more than a couple children), then cut out cloud shapes from white construction paper, and glue them around the cup to represent the sky with clouds- (Acts 1:9 says- After he said this, he was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid them from their sight.)

Then print out a picture of Jesus that will fit inside the cup- I used a fairly large cup, I printed out a picture of Jesus from DLTK Bible website's Jesus mini book- here is the link you can copy and paste:
I used the picture on page 7, I printed it in color then reduced it to 70 percent, you may have to reduce it further to fit your cup. Or you could color your own picture of Jesus. Cut out the picture, then put the picture on top of the blue construction paper and cut around the picture shape so you have a backing paper for Jesus' picture. Also cut out a cloud for the top piece, like shown in the picture, and a slightly larger copy of the cloud in blue construction paper. Using a glue stick, spread glue on the blue paper that fits Jesus' picture, then lay the bottom end of the ribbon or yarn on the blue paper, and then glue the picture of Jesus on top of the blue paper, sandwiching the ribbon in between the two papers.

This picture Shows how the ribon is sandwiched in between the picture and the blue paper.

Thread the ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the cup, so that by pulling the ribbon, you can pull Jesus up into the cup.

This picture shows Jesus part way up into the cup- he is able to be pulled all the way in.

At the top of the ribbon sandwich the ribbon between the white and blue cloud shapes, so that the ribbon will not fall back through, and so you have something to hold to pull Jesus up into the cup. Write on the cloud- He Lives! See top picture)

I have to give credit to craft book writers, it is not easy writing craft instructions, I think with the pictures, and my attempt at instructions, you can get the basic idea of this craft.

Along with this craft- read the story in Acts 1:1-11. I often find interesting discussion questions at this website, along with other great activities for a variety of Sunday school lessons, here is a link to a lesson about ascension at
Lesson: Jesus Ascends

If you need an additional lesson activity, I love the mini books from the Take Home Bible Reproducible book, which I often use along with my lessons, definitely a useful book to have on hand if you regularly teach Sunday School, or to supplement your home school Bible classes. You can find more information about that book below at my Amazon Affiliate link.

The story of Jesus being taken up to heaven is an interesting one to share with children, hope everyone takes a few minutes to read this story in Acts tomorrow, and has fun making this craft. Have a great week!


  1. Thanks so much. I was looking for something to do with my 2 year olds this Sunday for this lesson and this is perfect :)

  2. Today is April 1, 2016. I found this craft while searching the web for my Sunday School lesson on the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. I am sitting her right now getting everything organized for my twelve littles this coming Sunday morning. Thank-you.

  3. Thank you for sharing your work it is really appreciated


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