Saturday, June 11, 2011

The June Garden

June is the month that my garden really gets going. The rain has finally let up and the temperature is warm enough to get those summer veggies growing and the flowers blooming. Getting out in the garden to work in some sunshine always boosts my energy! I just love it. This last week I finished getting in the rest of the seeds and transplanting my starts. Take a look at all the flowers and herbs blooming and growing throughout the garden.

First this week I noticed the Irish and Scottish moss in bloom- I just love all the tiny little white flowers.

The bees are buzzing through the thyme's blossoms. My golden oregano is a beautiful color.

I love the purple flowers on the sage.

This little tree planted itself shortly after we had our fence built, it is too close to the house, and the fence, and at some point we will have to keep it very pruned or remove it- but I continue to be amazed how well this tree is growing all on its own- much better even than the shrubs that I planted carefully in prepared soil. I love the bright green of the new growth.

I look forward to the bright pink flowers on the Dianthus every year.

The Creeping Jenny is making its way around the shrubbery, I love its golden to chartreuse green color, sometimes I have to cut it back, but it is a great ground cover otherwise.

Here is how the Giant Weed from my previous post is doing- it is huge- I am amazed that in such a short time it is bigger than shrubs that I have had growing for nearly six years. It looks like it will have 4-5 flowers maybe more fairly soon. I will continue blogging the progress of this amazing weed all summer.

The Blueberries are doing well, it won't be long until we have all the blueberries we need for pancakes and muffins and a good Blueberry buckle.

I am doing my tomatoes in pots this year, just got them all in with their bamboo tripods for support. The green beans are more than an inch high, the summer squash have sprouted as well. Still waiting on the hubbard, and acorn squash and pumpkins to sprout, as well as the zinnias.

My bachelor buttons reseeded themselves from last year and are a beautiful purple blue color.

I am excited to continue watching my garden progress throughout the summer, I am endlessly fascinated by the miraculousness of gardens.

And the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground-trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food. Genesis 2:9a


  1. Everything looks wonderful. Gosh those Bachelor's Buttons are beautiful! We're a little further behind in the season than you are. Looks like all the cool weather has been a boon for the roses though!

  2. Thanks Jane! I love roses- they grow really well here. I only have one rose bush, which my lab puppy broke some of the branches- I had to cut quite a bit of it away- there is currently only one blossom on the bush- but it is a pretty one :)

  3. Beautiful shots of your garden!!

  4. Lovely garden. We have a small veggie garden this year - our first. I like your idea for the tomato plants in pots.

  5. Thank You for your positive comments Linda and Nessa! My Grandma grows her tomatoes in similar pots- and they do very well, I am hoping mine will grow well this year. :)

  6. That blue color in the thumbnail caught my eye! Such a beautiful, intense shade! Your garden looks lovely.

  7. Everything in your garden looks beautiful! The Bachelor's Buttons are amazing! Our growing season hasn't been going on too long. I'm going to look for Bachelor's Buttons now after seeing how gorgeous they are.

  8. That weed made me smile! I love it that you let it grow. We have the same kind growing on our farm land and I think they look like something out of the stoneage~

    Lovely, lovely garden photos, April. Thanks so much for linking up to YSB this week! I truly appreciate it.

  9. Thanks for all of the positive comments!! Bachelor Buttons are a beautiful and easy plant for the garden- I planted the seed directly outside, and they reseed themselves. Beautiful Old Fashioned Flower :)

    That weed does look like it is out of the stoneage!! I think it is fun to watch it and see just how big it will get. Thanks Again- Hope everyone has a great week!!


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