Friday, June 10, 2011

Gnomes in the Garden

I just love garden gnomes. I know they are considered kitschy, but I think garden gnomes are great. Gnomes always look so industrious and friendly. So today, my post is about some of my garden gnomes, as well as some that decorate my house during the spring and summer.

This is a new gnome in the garden he is standing in the pepper patch.

Another new gnome has found a spot by the summer squash.

This is a wonderful maple tree that has six miniature gnomes living in its shade, next to some toadstools amongst the Irish and Scottish Moss.

Here are three of them close up.

This little gnome makes his home amongst the moss in the rock garden- as you can see the moss is in bloom!

These are my wonderful gnomes candle holders from Yankee Candle last year- I was so excited when I saw these!

These three colorful gnomes were spotted by my children in a seasonal discount section of Target- both of my children new that I would love them, and pointed them out right away.

This is a wonderful handmade wooden gnome and his home that we found in a great little Waldorf toy shop we found one day, he has been tucked into the bookshelf ever since.

This is a simple little purple gnome that I needle felted to match our Amethyst.

This is a classic book all about gnomes, I love the illustrations, as well as all of the fun facts. This book is written by Wil Huygen and illustrated by Rein Poortuliet.

Gnomes are fun to put out through the garden, tucked in to little garden spots, fun for the kids to see, hope everyone considers adding a gnome or two to their garden this year :)


  1. You need to take a trip to Wisconsin. You'd be in gnome heaven. I have some little mini ones and toadstools that I bought at Target a few years back. It's fun to spot them among the miniature alpine trees.

  2. I only have ever breifly stopped in Wisconsin to visit family friends on the way back from our road trip to visit family in Chicago- it is a beautiful state, I would love to go back. Gnomes would be cute under mini alpine trees!! Thanks Jane :)


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