Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas Series #3 - Tweens

I am having so much fun with this series, I have enjoyed picking out special gifts for my children for Christmas over the years, and am going back through the years remembering our favorites.  Toady I am focusing on the harder to buy for Tween, not quite a teen, but not a little kid, around age 9 until age 12-13.  Here are some of the gifts that my kids enjoyed.  Of course they all want iPods and Cell phones and video games, but I will suggest some other items as well, to help balance out all the electronics that are so prevalent nowadays.

What's under the tree?

#1 - My first pick, is a very interesting building toy called Pixelblocks, they are clear little blocks all the same size, that allow you to build a pixel type figure or structure.  We purchased multiple sets so we had plenty of pieces to build with, you can build items from the suggestions included or use your imagination to create your own idea.  Very fun toy! 

Pixelblocks Imagination Set - 1200 Pieces

#2 - This next idea was a personal favorite of mine when I was younger, I love looking at slide through the microscope.

Here is a set similar to the one I purchased for Sarah and Joseph.

A microscope set is even better with extra slides.

Elenco 12 Slide With 36 Assorted Specimens

#3 - During the tween years, it is nice to take art to the next level.  This drawing kit is a nice gift to start with.

Faber-Castell Creative Studio Getting Started Drawing & Sketching Set drawing & sketching set

#4  Another science toy, this snap circuits set is a fun introduction into electronics, this was a fun toy for rainy weekends (we have a lot of those in the Pacific Northwest).


Snap Circuits SC-300

#5 - We loved the Klutz series of books, there are choices for all sorts of interests.  Here are of a few of the ones we enjoyed.


Capsters: Make Bottle Caps into Great Works of Coolness (Klutz)

#6-  The kids had a lot of fun with an air hockey table we bought for the garage.  They also had fun with their mini table top pool table, perfect for small spaces.

#7- Special books are always a treat under the tree, boxed sets of favorite series, as well as fun interactive books like these.

Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons (Ologies)

#8- Older tweens love making their rooms look cool, a classic lava lamp is a fun addition.  There are so many different color combinations it is easy to find one in their favorite color.  Fun posters, and other items for their room are always welcomed.

#9-  Puzzles are a fun gift, for kids who love the challenge, Ravensburger is my go to brand for excellent quality puzzles.  The 3D puzzles are very fun, they have them in all sizes and level of difficulty.  Like the globe shaped puzzles, and Puzzles of classic buildings like the Eiffel Tower or the Big Ben.

Ravensburger Big Ben 216 Piece 3D Building Set

#10- And last, just like for the younger children, it is always fun to have something cuddly under the tree, we fell in love with Ugly dolls when the kids were preteens.  These were a hit!

Ugly Doll Classic Plush Doll, Ox

Along with these ideas, my kids both still collected various toys throughout their tween years, certain dolls and action figures, and of course Lego was still a big deal.  Video games were always a popular gift, but it is important to balance that out with other activities.  What are your favorite tween gifts?

Next up in my Christmas Gift ideas series- Favorite Family Games

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