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Christmas Gift Ideas Series #4- Family Games

One of my favorite gifts to include under the tree are family games, every year I buy at least one or two new games.  Here are some of our favorite family games, a fun family gift, as well as a nice gift for any family that might be on your list.  You can find out more about these games by following my Amazon affiliate links.

What's Under the Tree?

Here are my top ten favorite family games.  During winter break one of our favorite activities is game night.  

#1  Blokus- We all love this game, it is a four player game, and can be played by by ages five and up, we have fun coming up with various strategies, and seeing who can win.

Blokus Classic Edition (Mattel-R1983)

#2 Apples to Apples- This game is brought out all the time, especially when we have company, this is an easy game to play, and is not super competitive, it is a fun party game as well as family game, and always gets everyone laughing.

#3 Yahtzee - This is a classic game that I have been playing since I was a child, easy to play and fun, this is one of the go to games on family game night, easy to play with multiple ages.

Hasbro Yahtzee

#4- Pass the Pigs- This is a fun game to play while your sitting around the table with friends and family, another easy game that many ages can play, we bring this game along when we go over to visit relatives, everyone can get in on the fun.

                                                                       Pass the Pigs

#5 - Clue- This is a classic game that we all still enjoy, and have played quite a bit over the years.

#6 Scattergoies- This is a fun game for families with children old enough to spell and write, you roll an alphabet dice and must answer a sheet of questions using the letter rolled as the first letter of your answer, all before the buzzer, then everyone compares to see how many answers you got, and how creative they were.  Very fun game, I bought two sets of this game so we would have enough to play when the relatives are over.


#7- Set- This is a great game, definitely makes you use your brain, players see how quick they can make sets of the cards based on a similar trait- solid, a certain color, or shape etc.  My kids beat me every time, they are quick!

#8 - My favorite two player games- I am listing these all under choice number eight- sometimes the whole family can't play, and it is nice to have games that just the kids or just Gary and I can play.  These are all strategy games, with beautiful wooden pieces.  All of these would make beautiful gifts, great for couples as well as families!

Gigamic Games Quarto Classic

                                                                      Cathedral Classic


#9- Perplexus- This is a game for one player, but fun for the whole family to try and do, we bought this a few years back when it first came out, and they came out with a new version last year, as well as a new one this year that may have to find its way under our tree.  They even have a junior version for little ones.  Fun three dimensional maze to solve!

Perplexus Maze Game by PlaSmart, Inc.

Perplexus Twist

#10- Chinese Checkers- I grew up playing Chinese Checkers all the time, and I still enjoy it.  This classic set in a tin case is my favorite, and it has regular checkers on the backside as well.  Fun strategy game for the family.

Chinese Checkers and Traditional Checkers

So that is my top ten, of course when the kids were younger we played all the other classics, like Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho Cherrios and one of my favorite kids games Don't Spill the Beans-

Don't Spill the Beans

We play other classics like Boggle, Connect Four, Battleship, Aggravation - the list could go on.  We love family games, and I think they make wonderful Christmas gifts.

What is your favorite family game?

Come back tomorrow for the last Christmas Gift Ideas Series post- #5- Fun Ideas for Everyone

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