Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two Peanut Butter Alternatives and Butterscotch Clusters

It has been quite awhile since I have eaten peanut butter.  I ate it all the time growing up, we often had classic peanut butter and jam sandwiches. A favorite school day breakfast, that mom would make us, was warm whole wheat toast topped with peanut butter and honey (yum), and of course the occasional peanut butter cookie.

Because of my tree nut allergy I stopped eating peanut butter to avoid possible cross contamination with tree nuts, and also, because even though I enjoy peanut butter, it never really sits well with my tummy.

Recently I came across two products that are wonderful tasting Peanut butter alternatives, so I thought I would share about them.

The first one I tried is called Lotus Biscoff Spread - it is made from Biscoff cookies, and tastes delicious! The creamy version has a texture very similar to peanut butter, but tastes like a creamy version of a cookie with a bit of cinnamon.  I think this would be great with apples and crackers, as well as on a sandwich with honey.  I would also like to experiment with a cookie recipe with this some time this summer.  You can read about this product here to make sure it is right for you.  The whole family has enjoyed this spread, the kids were very happy to have a peanut butter alternative.

I first purchased this product through Amazon, I tried the crunchy and the creamy, I prefer the creamy.  The other day I was at the grocery store, in the peanut butter aisle getting honey, and saw that our local grocery store actually carried creamy Biscoff spread (small town grocery stores don't always have stuff like this) I was so happy I bought another jar.

Right next to the Biscoff Spread at our grocery store was another peanut free spread, so I decided to try it as well.  I.M. Healthy Creamy SoyNut Butter made of non GMO roasted soybeans.  This product was a big hit with the kids, it tastes very similar to peanut butter, so similar I was a bit hesitant at first.  The kids haven't had peanut butter in so long they could hardly tell the difference.  I bought a jar of grape jam so they could have a classic peanut butter sandwich, and they were very pleased.  You can read about SoyNut Butter here.

I am treating both of these products as treats, that we can enjoy occasionally, and as always double check the ingredients to make sure they don't contain something your allergic to. :)

With these new found products I decided to try out an old recipe I loved as a child.  Butterscotch Clusters.  A mom in my childhood neighborhood would make these all the time and share them with all of us kids, I always loved them.  I never got her original recipe, but when the kids were little (and we still ate peanut butter) I came up with a recipe that has a pretty similar taste.  This evening, I made this recipe for a mid week treat, using the SoyNut butter instead of peanut butter.  If you don't have a problem with peanut butter, the original recipe is very yummy.

Butterscotch Clusters

In a heavy bottom pan melt 1/3 of a stick of butter over medium heat, when the butter is melted, reduce heat to medium low and add one bag of butterscotch chips and 3/4 cup of peanut butter or peanut butter alternative.

Stir constantly over medium low heat until completely melted.  Then stir in 6 cups of Cheerios cereal, stir until cereal is evenly coated with melted mixture.  Drop by rounded teaspoons full onto wax paper.

Let them cool and set up.  Very nice to try this childhood treat once again, brings me right back to riding around on Big Wheels with my friends and stopping in for a yummy snack.


  1. I spotted that Biscoff spread in the Big Lots store but didn't know what it was. Now that I know, I'll have to pick up a jar next time I'm there. It sounds wonderful! Anything cinnamon-y has got to be tasty. Like the idea of no GMOs in the soybean butter too. Used to make a similar cookie to yours, they were great when it was too hot to bake.

  2. Jane~ The Biscoff is a pretty yummy spread, a fun treat. I was glad the soybeans were non GMO too, I am excited to be able to use it in dishes that require peanut butter like Thai noodles and what not. The Butterscotch clusters are a good easy no bake bake treat for summer days. :)


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