Wednesday, October 15, 2014

2014 Halloween Home Tour and Boney Bunch Collection

Every October I look forward to getting out all of my fun Halloween decor and transforming our home with whimsical Halloween decorations. Every year I add a few new decorations to our collection, and its fun to mix up my old decor with the new. Here is a tour of my 2014 Halloween Home. (click on the photos to see a larger image)

This is the decor in my little foyer, I love the new crow silhouette lantern I found at Target, it matches some of the metal pieces I have from previous years like my spooky tree candle holder. The orange and black metal pieces coordinate nicely with my growing Yankee Candle Boney Bunch collection.

I have been collecting the Yankee Candle Boney Bunch Halloween Candle holders now for four years, this year they came out with a bunch of new cute items, like the bird plane votive holder that lights up and looks like it was inspired by Victorian Steam Punk.

On my dining room bookcases I have tucked in a bunch of little Halloween ornaments, including the new Fish Skeleton Boney Bunch, and one of my favorite 2014 Boney Bunch pieces the orange cab. Below, on top of my bookcases I have Frankenstein and his Bride taper holders and a caged animated crow. I don't normally buy animated electronic decor, but for some reason this year I thought it would be fun. I actually had this caged animated crow in and out of my cart at Target multiple times on two separate shopping trips, the second trip and in and out of the cart a couple more times, I decided I must really like it if I was so torn, and I am happy he came home with me. He fits in well with the dining room decor and it's fun when his eyes light up and he caws. :)

On my craft cupboard in the dining room I have a couple of haunted houses, the new one in the center under the dome, also from Target, lights up and little plastic pieces fly around inside to look like bats, all while playing a spooky tune. Me and the kids all thought our spooky phone (Target) was another fun addition. Our actual home telephone is a vintage black reproduction of a turn dial phone, so this Halloween phone fits right in. When you dial, it has an old fashioned ring, and when you answer a very spooky man's voice gives one of a five or six spooky messages.

Also on our craft cupboard is a framed vintage looking lenticular old fashioned picture of a man. When you walk by his face switches in between his face and a skeleton face. This is our only really scary decor, I don't go for scary for the most part, but now that the kids are young adults I felt we could have something like this for a little spooky fun. We are pretending that the man in the photo is the sinister voice in our Halloween phone. :)

These metal bell crow topped trees are some of my oldest decor that I have enjoyed for years, the cat and pumpkin figures have a vintage folk art look and are also some of my favorite older decor. The School Bus is another 2014 Yankee Candle Boney Bunch piece, the bus lights light up, and it holds three little tea lights, the school bus looks cute with my little Halloween costumed figures that look like they are waiting for the bus on a fall school day.

Throughout the house I have various candy dishes. We have Cow Tales in the new Boney Bunch Coffin candy dish, a Tootsie Roll assortment in my old Boney Bunch candy dish, my childhood favorite Sixlets in Halloween colors in my everyday candy dish, and of course candy corn in another of my Halloween Candy dishes. Between the multiple Trick-or-Treaters and all my candy dishes we go through quite a good supply of candy in October!

I absolutely love the Peanuts, and love It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I have been collecting some of the Hallmark Peanuts Halloween ornaments over the years and think they are so cute. The newest one is Snoopy on top of his dog house with little hanging Woodstock vampire bats, Here is the Hallmark link so you can hear it's sound, which is really quite good for a little ornament, every time snoopy chuckles I can't help but chuckle myself, so cute!

In my living room I have decorated all the little end and side tables, I love my little Halloween metal tree with painted wooden balls I got a few years back, and have lots of little trinkets that I have collected over the years.

Last year Yankee Candle put out this Boney Bunch Train that is perfect displayed under my Hiawatha Train print, it lights up and holds tea lights, it is one of my favorite decorations.

Just a side note, I have a multitude of candle holders that I use in my Halloween decor and fill them with pumpkin and candy corn scented candles, however I don't usually light the candles that are sitting throughout the house because I worry about candle flames. I usually light jar candles in my kitchen window and mantel where they are away from where people walk and flammable material. If I do light one of the tea lights in my candle holders, I move it to a safe spot and keep my eye on it. Even without being lit though all the tea lights put off a subtle scent which I really enjoy. :)

The mantel is decorated almost the same as last year with the Boo Banner I made last year and fall floral picks among candles and Halloween trinkets. Sitting next to the fireplace is our Halloween book basket which I like to keep out for any young visitors, and because I love children's literature so its fun to sit down and page through these beautifully illustrated books. :)

I think the best way to build holiday decor for any holiday is to collect favorite new pieces every year, store them carefully in organized totes during the off season, and over the years your collection will grow. I have been decorating our home for Halloween now for twenty years, and I really love all the Halloween treasures I have found over the years.

So that is our 2014 Halloween Home Tour, I had fun decorating this year, and am looking forward to our annual Halloween Open House as well as as many nights as possible with popcorn, cider and a fun Halloween special with my family. :) I hope you are all enjoying autumn as well! :)

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  1. Love it! I'm sure your Hallowe'en will be super spookilicious this year! Trick or Treat :)

  2. Halloween is so fun! Very cute! I love your vintage travel poster.


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