Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Boo Banner Tutorial

Yesterday, after a nice sunny fall day out in the garden, I was in the mood to do some crafting. So I decided to get out my paper crafting supplies and make a Halloween Banner.  This was a pretty fun and easy craft, so I thought I would do a quick tutorial.

1 sheet 12 x 12 Black cardstock
2 other sheets of 12 x 12 cardstock any color
black fine craft glitter
gel craft glue or glitter glue (preferably in a bottle with a small tip)
craft knife
single hole puncher
Mod Podge (Mat)
black watercolor paint
and printouts according to directions
orange craft string or yarn

Start by making your printouts and templates.  For the background paper, I made a photo copy of a page out of my old dictionary, then increased it by 125%, so the print would be bigger.  I printed out 5 sheets of the dictionary paper.

I found printable letters B here (print out one) and O here ( print out two) and a Martha Stewart Bat Template (print out two).  I printed them all out at 50% so they would be small enough to fit on the banner. Then I cut them out, and traced around them onto the black cardstock, and cut them out with a craft knife.

The banner pennants are 8 inches tall and 5 inches wide at the top, I traced them out onto cardstock and cut them out- you will need five.

Using the Mod Podge, glue down each pennant to the back of the dictionary paper, trim around the pennant, leaving about a quarter inch, which you will turn over and glue to the back, so you have 5 dictionary paper covered pennants.  Let them dry.

When the pennants are dry, get out your watercolor paints, and give them a very thin watery coat of black, to give them an aged and more newspapery look.  (see pictures below).  Then let them dry thoroughly.

When the watercolor wash has dried, cover entire pennant with a layer of Mod Podge, and adhere Black cardstock cutouts of the letters and bats, then give the whole pennant and cutout another layer of Mod Podge and let it dry thoroughly.

Then it's time for glitter.  Trace around the edges of the letters and bats with a fine line of gel craft glue or glitter glue. Sprinkle on fine black glitter, I used Martha Stewart Onyx Fine Glitter.  Then glue and glitter around the edges of the pennants.  (see pictures above)  Let the glitter dry overnight.

Using a single hole puncher, punch holes in the top of each pennants, one inch from each edge, and half an inch down.  String onto orange craft string or twine, or yarn.  I liked the orange string for the pop of color, and it matched my orange and black Halloween decor.  I love how it turned out!

Have fun crafting!

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