Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Garlic Planting and Fall in the Garden

We are having a beautiful fall.  The leaves have begun their autumn show with the most beautiful colors.  The sun was shining all last week, and it was the perfect weather to make progress on our fall garden projects.

Last week my garlic finally arrived in the mail, and I was eager to get it planted.  I saved some of the garlic from this year's harvest, I have no idea what variety it is, I bought a couple garlic plants a few years ago, and the label just said garlic, it has been growing very well for the past few years, and it tastes wonderful, so we got that planted.  I also ordered some new varieties this year, Killarney Red, which is supposed to do well in wet conditions, so I thought it might do well here in the Pacific NW, it is also supposed to be good for it's garlic scapes.  I ordered some Chesnok Red Garlic but they were out, so I was sent some Early Italian, it sounds like a nice garlic.  I also planted my first batch of Elephant Galric, each clove is huge!  I ended up having far more cloves than space to plant them, so they found their way into another raised bed, as well as some of my large pots.  I look forward to watching it all grow!

I wasn't able to plant the fall garden I wanted to, I had a mishap with my seedlings, and they were all seriously over heated, oops!  I probably could have started more, but I decided to wait and just get an early jump start in spring for the greens I want.  There are a few things still growing though, like my tiny plot of leeks, which seem to be doing pretty well.  They do take quite some time to grow, but I love leeks so it will be worth the wait!


The peppers are still producing and I hope to get a few more over the next week.  We got the rest of the garden beds all cleaned out, and harvested the last of our squash.  

The rest of the garden still needs some tidying and pruning, I let some of the birdseed millet grow, it looked so pretty, and the birds seemed to enjoy it, and now it has turned a pretty golden fall color.  I think it looks nice with the red barberries, and red holly berries peeking through, so I will give it another couple of weeks before we tidy it up for winter.  :)


  1. April LOVE your garden{s}! I have the perfect spot for this type of garden but alas I have teen drivers so lots of cars in the only really sunny spot :( Boo hoo..oh well someday! Beautiful!

  2. If all that garlic grows you'll have quite a bumper crop, April. We planted way too much last year, everyone we know received a years supply! But it was so rewarding to watch it grow.

  3. what a organized garden! love it


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