Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Family Game Night

We have been spending a lot of family time this year playing board games. Over the years we have collected a large selection of family games and really enjoy a nice selection of games.

This past Easter I added a few new ones to our family games cupboard, and we have been having a lot of fun playing them.

We have plenty of classics that we enjoy, like Clue, Scattergories, Yahtzee, and so on. One classic game that we played recently was the classic game Parcheesi, this game is similar to the game called Aggravation that I grew up playing, I love the old fashioned look of the game board and the animal playing pieces, Parcheesi can take a little on the long side to play through, it can be surprisingly competitive!

One of the games I chose to give the family for Easter is called Tsuro: The Game of the Path- this game is easy to play, but requires some thinking ahead, as you place the tiles on the board to move your pieces around and don't want to take a path that falls off the board. The game board is illustrated nicely, and the playing pieces look like carved stones. We really enjoyed this game, I am looking forward to playing this one often, it is a nice quick game, fast paced and fun to play.

We all enjoy geek pop culture, and have a pretty good knowledge of the movies and video games in that genre, as well as some interest in science and technology. I thought that the game Geek Battle would be fun for our family, and it is. We have played this game now a few times, and my kids have also brought this along to play with friends. It's a trivia style game, and has plenty of questions that people with an interest in geek pop culture would know, some of the questions are pretty challenging, but there are plenty that we knew quite well. (Nothing worse than a trivia game with too many hard questions, that's no fun!) Definitely for teens and up as it would probably be too hard for younger kids. Very fun for family time!!

We enjoy game nights on the weekends, or Sunday afternoons, and usually play games after a fun an easy meal like pizza and salad. It is so fun to sit around a table, playing games, laughing, and talking as a family. Check out our favorite family games and movies on the side bar Amazon Associate Links.

What are your families favorite games to play?

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