Saturday, May 24, 2014

Garden Journal - Late May Garden

The late May garden is always a joy to me, the garden is so alive. The backyard birds are always busy at the feeders, the flowers are all starting to bloom, and the veggie garden is well underway. Here's what's going on in my garden.

There are flowers around every corner in my garden right now. The lavender is just starting to bloom, the bachelor buttons have reseeded from last year and are as pretty as ever, below is a blue bachelor button. I planted a couple of blanket flowers in hopes to lure more butterflies, and they are just about to open up, I am excited to see how they look, they are pretty even now!

The moss garden is in bloom, the Scottish and Irish moss have pretty tiny white flowers, the thrift is pretty with it's tiny pink flowers, and I got the cutest little gnome for Mother's Day that is currently residing in the moss garden as well. :)

Here is another patch of Bachelor Buttons, this time pink, such a pretty flower. This year it decided to plant itself in one of my raised veggie garden beds, and will soon have pumpkins sharing its space.

The sage is covered in pretty purple flowers, and some of the chives have opened their pink flowers as well. The striped petunias are nice and vibrant!

The birds are really enjoying the new bird feeders, and are visiting all day long. I also got this pretty new hummingbird  feeder for Mother's Day, it is a old fashioned glass jar style and I am hoping the hummingbirds find it soon, right now the hummingbirds have been enjoying the sage flowers.

The coolest thing so far this year with all the backyard birds is the number of very cute fledgling that we've seen- both the starling and sparrows have been very dutifully feeding their fledgling offspring. It is so cute to watch the babies call out for food following their parents around. Below are two fledgling starlings and one of their parents working hard to keep the babies fed. Such fun to watch!

The veggie garden is doing good, I will be putting in the squash and beans here anytime now, the kale is doing great, the blueberry bushes are covered in berries, the garlic has just started producing garlic scapes, you can read my Cooking with Garlic Scapes Post Here, I am looking forward to harvesting some garlic scapes soon. The Elephant Garlic has sent up some rather large flower buds too, I am very eager to try out the elephant garlic as well.

So that is what is going on in my late May garden, what is happening in your neck of the woods? 


  1. You must live in a warm climate as your garden is so far along.. Loved the sweet bird photos!

  2. Hi April! Your garden is doing so well, there is so much going on there! I was stunned to see berries on your blueberry bush! My plants are just blooming. All the best and thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  3. Your garden is beautiful! I especially love the moss garden! I tried growing it in a dabbled sun shady area and it didn't do well. I guess it needs full sun! I am so envious of those blueberries :)

  4. Thank you all for stopping by and your comments. :) From the looks of my garden it does look like I live in a warm climate, I am located here in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Valley just outside of Portland, Oregon, a climate mostly known for it's rainy weather. :) I will say we have had a very warm spring though, with many days of record highs, the garden is really enjoying it! :) Overall our climate is pretty mild, never really getting to hot or too cold, a nice climate for gardening. :)

  5. I love to grow bachelor's buttons! Mine are just starting to come up. Thanks for sharing this at our HomeAcre Hop!


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