Friday, September 13, 2013

Back to School Week and Molasses Cookies

We are in full back to school mode around here.  Last week school started, we started the week with some delicious home-made cookies to welcome home Joe from his first day back to school. I made a batch of my Molasses cookies, and the house smelled delicious.  I normally make my Molasses cookies in December for the Christmas season, so when Joe came home he asked why I was making Christmas cookies.  After tasting a few though, Joe and Sarah said I should make them every week. They are a yummy, easy cookie to make, so although I won't be indulging every week, I will have to make our Molasses Cookies a little more often.

Happy Back to School Week Joe!

Friday night we enjoyed the first home football game, the weather, which had been rainy, cleared up, and it was a great evening for a high school football game.  Our team won the game with quite a few exciting touchdowns.

This week the weather turned from cooler, back to school weather, to record breaking highs, we often have very hot Septembers here in Oregon, not very conducive to all the fall baking and cooking I am itching to get going on, but next weeks weather looks like our pre-fall weather may return. Time to break out the soup pot, and baking pans!

Hope everyone is having a nice mid September!


  1. I wish I could come to your house! I love molasses cookies, but never make them as I am the only one (of seven mind you) that likes them! Even my husband, who will eat anything, doesn't like them. Of course, it is good news for me when people bring molasses cookies over (or gingerbread cookies, as my family seems to think they are the same). :-)

  2. We must be on the same wavelength, April! Been thinking of goodies with molasses also. I just found a recipe for ginger brownies with molasses buttercream frosting that I want to try. But for now, I'll have to settle for cornbread with molasses in it. Bet your kitchen smells wonderful. Hope your daughter is getting better!

  3. Jane~ Ginger brownies with Molasses and Buttercream frosting sounds delicious! I may have to try that, as well as Cornbread and Molasses, I love cornbread in Molasses baked beans. Sarah is definitely on the mend, and healing very well, thanks for the well wishes. :)

    Maureen~ I grew up eating my mom and gram's delicious gingerbread, and have loved it from the time I was quite young, you are right though, more for you. :) Thanks for stopping by!


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