Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Welcoming Fall at Oktoberfest 2013

Every year we kick off the fall season with Oktoberfest.  We are lucky to live only a short drive away from the town of Mt. Angel that hosts a wonderful Oktoberfest every year.

We always have fun walking around Mt. Angel. In the center of the festivities is Die Fruchtsaule, a harvest monument that is a symbol of the bountiful harvest and is a beautiful piece of folk art created from all sorts of different grains, dried legumes, and produce.

The we made our way to the bandstand area, where we enjoyed hearing tradition folk music and some yodeling.  There was also Bavarian style dancing which was pretty entertaining, some of the local school groups had put together some fun dance routines.

I am typically on the other side of the festival area most years around noon, watching the dachshund races, but this year we were there in time for the May Pole Dance which occurs every day of the festival at noon, what a fun dance to watch as the ribbon is braided around the pole.

After the May Pole dance we hurried over to St. Mary's church, the church hosts traditional music concerts throughout the festival.  This year we attended the Salzburger Echo Alpine Horn performance.  The church itself is quite a beautiful building, full of beautiful architectural detail and stunning stained glass.  The Alpine Horn concert was fun, the band members were funny and entertaining and spent some time teaching about the Alpine Horns. 

We saw some very cute dachshunds. Like this one!

Ate some delicious food, like this local made bratwurst from the Mt. Angel Sausage Co., which was wonderful!

This year we went with Joe's girlfriend as well, here the kids were having fun trying on mini hats at one of the booths. All around it was a very fun day!

Every year, on the way home from Oktoberfest, I stop in at a local farm stand to see if the honey crisp apples are in yet, and Gary likes to stock up on corn.  This year the different varieties of squash were begging for a photo.

Just a couple more days until fall is officially here, I am looking forward to the crisp fall air, and all of the rich colors of the season.


  1. Oh Boy! Does that ever look like fun, April. Such a beautiful church. I miss the beauty of the old churches. We went past one the other day and it looked like a prison! Watching the dachshunds run would be fun. My sister has one and they are such adorable dogs. It's good to Sarah has smiling and looking all recovered from her fright.

  2. So fun that you get to experience a little bit of Germany in America.: ) We haven't made it to an Oktoberfest celebration yet this here. Maybe next week!

  3. Jane~ Oktoberfest was a fun day, it is nice that Sarah is recovering and we have been able to get out and enjoy some fun days together. Old churches are beautiful, such beautiful detail! We all love the dachshunds, they are so cute. Hope you had a nice weekend!

    Sheila~ It is fun to have the opportunity to experience a little German culture. I first went to an Oktoberfest back when I was in school and our German club would go, we would also have our own little Oktoberfest in German class. We had a very fun German teacher. :) Definitely a fun way to start the fall season!


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