Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sausage Barley Stuffed Bell Pepper Bake

For the past two weeks the star of our garden has been the pepper patch.  Both the bell pepper and the jalapeno pepper plants are loaded.   The zucchini plants are starting to slow down, but there are still a few to be picked.

We also had a surprise pepper plant this year, I bought a six pack of jalapenos and another pepper variety must have found its way into the mix.  I am not quite sure what the variety is, I'm thinking maybe Anaheim chili peppers.  I am quite glad for the mistake, we have been enjoying them with our eggs at breakfast, sauteed in a little butter, they have a little bite, but overall are pretty mild.  I hope to find the same variety next year, any pepper growers out there recognize what this variety might be?

Last week instead of our classic recipe for stuffed bell peppers, I decided to switch up the stuffing a bit, and came up with a yummy new recipe using barley instead of rice, and sausage instead of hamburger.

Here's my recipe for Sausage Barley Stuffed Bell Pepper Bake.

Roughly 2 cups chopped mushrooms (white or mini portobello)
olive oil for sauteing
1 pound mild country sausage (or regular if you like a little more spice)
3 cups pre-cooked barley (cook according to directions on bag)
3-4 bell peppers (or more if they area little smaller)
2 - 14.5 oz cans of chicken broth
salt, pepper, Italian seasoning
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese ( or a shredded cheddar blend)

In a large skillet, saute mushrooms seasoned with a few dashes of Italian seasoning and salt and pepper, in a little olive oil until they start to cook through and shrink down, then add the sausage and cook until cooked through and browned.  If there is an excess of fat drain it from pan, then add 3 cups cooked barley to the sausage mushroom mixture, and 1 can of chicken broth.  Bring this mixture to a simmer, and cook, stirring often,  until most of the chicken broth has reduced.

Meanwhile, wash peppers, and either cut them in half lengthwise or cut out the top (depending on pepper size, I cut extra large ones in half and lay them on their sides, and remove the tops of the smaller peppers and stuff them upright) clean out seeds and core.  Set peppers in a large baking pan.  When filling is ready, fill each pepper with mixture, then spoon the rest of the mixture around the peppers in the baking pan, then add 1 can of chicken broth to the pan around the peppers.  Cover with foil and bake at 375 F. for about 45 minutes to an hour, until peppers have softened.  Then remove foil sprinkle cheese over the top of peppers, and return to oven for 5-10 minutes until cheese is melted.

This was a delicious dinner, the whole family enjoyed it.  I love using veggies fresh from the garden in my cooking, this recipes will definitely be on the list during pepper season!

Fall is definitely in the air.  My little corn stalk is starting to grow us a tiny ear of corn.

The Hydrangea flowers are turning a beautiful purple blue color.

Last week, when I was on a walk with my niece and nephew, we spotted these beautiful little acorns. Acorns always make me think of fall.  I always look forward to this time of year. :)


  1. I'm feeling rather hungry after reading your post and think I might have to try stuffing one of my peppers tomorrow. I can't take credit for growing any, however.

    The hydrangea is gorgeous!

  2. I like your remake of a stuffed pepper, they look yummy.
    Acorns remind me of fall too and they look like little bird houses hanging from the tree.

  3. I haven't made stuffed peppers in a while-thanks for the recipe! Perfect dish for the fall.
    Love that tiny ear of corn!

  4. I love stuffed pepper recipes. Your pepper harvest is amazing!! I just bought a couple of reblooming hydrangeas - I think yours is lovely!

  5. Oh thank you so much for sharing this recipe. One of my children loves stuffed peppers but the other gets mighty bored of them. This should switch it up just enough to get his interest back. Thanks again

  6. YUMO! When do we eat?? lol What an amazing harvest! Love it.

  7. What a nice surprise to find a new pepper in amongst your others. I grew some tomato plants in a pot this year, but the seeds I put in the pot were from a flower packet! They grew up nicely in any event ;) Wendy


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