Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Fairy Garden

Me and my daughter have a real fondness for minatures, this summer we packed away her childhood dollhouse to make room for a desk and laptop. Bittersweet for Momma, who of course is always happy to watch her children grow up, but will always treasure those wonderful childhood years. When the fairy garden competition was announced at The Magic Onions, I thought it would be the perfect activity to share with my daughter, Sarah (we tried talking Joseph into helping, but that just didn't fly with his 14 year old boy idea of a fun summer activity). We hadn't made a fairy garden since both of my children where very young, so it would be fun to do this with my daughter as a teen.

We had quite a fun time gathering the miniatures, and deciding how to lay out the garden. We decided to make our fairy garden in a barrel that was recently cleared of an old gooseberry bush. The barrel was perfect because it already was filled with natural moss, and a stray grass patch. We are very happy with our little fairy garden, even the guys thought it was pretty cool. Here's how it turned out.

We made the fire pit out of pieces of twigs and some colorful wool.

Off to the side the fairies might enjoy a game of croquet.

We picked a few blueberries for the kitchen.

We planted some small sedum in the miniature clay pots.

Here is one last look at the whole garden.

We have decided that we will add to this garden as the seasons change and post updates here on the blog. Making a fairy garden is a very fun and easy activity that children both young and old will really enjoy. I would encourage everyone to take a peek at all of the wonderful fairy gardens that are taking part in the 2011 Fariy Garden Competition, click the button at the top of this post or copy and paste this

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer weekend!


  1. If I were a fairy I would surely move in as quickly as possible! This is absolutely beautiful.

  2. How cute! Bet it was fun too!

  3. So cute. I love the little pots with plants growing in the garden area. I may have to do one of these one day with my kids.

  4. Thanks everyone for the postive comments, it was a very fun little project, and we are looking forward to adding more, when we find more little treasures :) ~April

  5. Hello April --

    Thank you for visiting me over at my blog (we bloom here) and leaving such kind comments. Now, I thought I'd repay your visits so here I am! How lovely to get to know you a bit through your blog (and happy belated birthday!)


  6. Amazing! I made want to have a fairy garden at my balcony :-))) I have two boys but they both are "waldorf kids" so I hope we will make a beautiful fairy garden once holidays are over.
    Thank you very much for sharing this amazing work!

  7. Your campfire sure is cute. That is a very unique feature of your fairy garden display. Have fun changing it later this fall. I may have to get some pumpkins for mine!

  8. so cute! i love the teensy tiny chairs :)


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