Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer 2014 Garden Update

August is just flying by for our family, we have been busy with fun summer outings as well as preparing for back to school, and it is hard to believe the month is half over and school is just around the corner! The weather around here the last few days has been cloudy and a bit stormy, as much as I love the summer, this weather is making me eager for the cool crisp sunny fall days just around the corner!

Since I have been distracted by various projects around the house I haven't spent as much time doting over my garden this year, however, despite my neglect, the garden has been providing us with a nice supply of veggies. This week we have begun harvesting the peppers and zucchini. Time for Jalapeno poppers, stuffed green peppers, and zucchini bread! :)

The sedum have been pretty all month with their pink blossoms, it really livens up the rock garden!

Our garden is host to many critters, and as a certified backyard habitat, we welcome and encourage these interesting visitors. We always have lots of praying mantis and little green frogs. :)

The birdseed has once again been growing around the base of the feeders, and the grains always look so pretty I let a few grow into the fall, the day lilies are still flowering daily, and I had a nice surprise of finding snapdragon volunteers in multiple spots around the garden, some I left right where they were, and others I used to fill some empty flower pots.

The super moon was stunning this past week, I love the rich harvesty colors that start showing up this time of year, the blanket flowers I planted this summer have put on a show all summer long with their bright orange and yellow flowers, definitely a new favorite plant for me!

The weather was clear yesterday and the whole family spent time out in the garden, weeding, tidying, and harvesting veggies, I am looking forward to harvesting a few more green beans, lots more zucchini and peppers, and hopefully we will get a few pumpkins. We are looking forward to a couple more weeks of summer fun, then the start of a new school year. :)

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  1. Such a lovely visit to your garden, and hasn't it rewarded you well this year? I love to see the often fascinating grasses that grow from fallen bird seed too! Like you, I am also longing for Autumn days ahead, my most favourite time of the year! Waving from Across the Pond ~~~


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