Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy 20th Anniversary!

Today me and my wonderful hubby Gary are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary! :) A few years back I wrote a blog post about our wedding story which you can read here, today I was going through our wedding album and reminiscing and thought I would share some more photos.

Our wedding was simple and perfect for us, we passed out cameras to guests and ended up with lots of fun pictures. I love this picture of us, both happy and excited for our big day.

Our honeymoon was so fun, we were both quite adventurous and chose to camp all around the state, what wonderful memories, we had so much fun exploring and spending time in nature. Oregon is just an amazing place to live! One of our stops was at Wallowa Lake in northeast Oregon, the deer were so tame they mingled among the campers, it was amazing getting so close to these beautiful deer!

I look forward to many more years exploring and enjoying time with Gary and the family we have made.

Later this week we will be heading back to our reception location for a picnic and a day at the river. We had our reception with friends and family after we returned from our honeymoon, we rented a covered area at one of our favorite parks, Oxbow Park, and had cake and a simple picnic type buffet. We decorated very simply ourselves with my sister and her hubby, and set up the food ourselves as well.

Here we are serving cake to everyone. I love the down home simplicity of it all, it was the perfect setting, out in the woods along a beautiful river, we hired a Celtic folk band to play beautiful music, and I couldn't have asked for a nicer day.

I am really looking forward to heading back to this park, we haven't been in years, I was an Outdoor school camp counselor at a camp near Oxbow Park back in both high school and junior college, and I used to know the trails like the back of my hand, it will be interesting to see what has changed.

It amazes me that it has been 20 years already, time sure flies!! Yesterday we celebrated our anniversary with a nice day out and a wonderful meal. On Sunday we took the kids to see the movie The Giver, which was amazing and a very thought provoking movie, I look forward to watching it again when it comes out on DVD. Then last night Gary and I went to see The Hundred-Foot Journey, amazing movie, both Gary and I really enjoyed it, what a treat!

Happy 20th Anniversary Gary, I love you, and look forward to all of our future adventures!!


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