Sunday, August 31, 2014

My Nephew's Beautiful Country Wedding

This weekend I had the joy of attending my nephew's beautiful country wedding. My son was a groomsman so we went down for the rehearsal the night before and had a really fun time hanging out with family as well as getting to know the bride's family a bit more.

The weather was perfect for a wedding, not too hot and not stormy. We were all entertained during the rehearsal by this darling little dachshund, you can see Sarah is quite happy to be holding this cutie.

After the rehearsal we drove back home, the roads are beautiful between my town and the town my sister lives in, both towns are right in the valley and about an hour and a half apart via country roads. One thing we saw on the way up to the wedding site was the most interesting driveway guarded by some very cool metal dinosaurs, what a neat thing to come across out in the woods!

The morning of the wedding we made our way back to the wedding, and it must have been field burning day because multiple farmers along the way were burning their fields, I got some interesting photos, but I really liked this one. There are a number of interesting small towns along the way with really interesting old buildings, one of these days I need to go exploring some of the shops and buildings we saw along the way.

When we arrived at the wedding site it had been transformed into a beautiful country wedding. The colors were peach and beige with lots of natural elements like burlap, crafts made of barn wood, and mason jars. There were pretty twinkle lights strung around the trees and gazebo and they looked really pretty once the sun started going down. I really loved the ring toss that was set out for the kids to play, there were even little s'mores packets that the bride put together and had sitting by the fire pit. All around a very nice, hand crafted wedding, I could tell a lot of time, effort, and thought went into it. :)

Soon it was time for the wedding to start, the bridesmaid's and maid of honor's outfits were very pretty, and I loved how they wore their hair. The Groom and all the groomsmen were of course dashing, my son walked down with his cousin Lola, both of the groom's sisters were bride's maids.

Here is the groom waiting with the officiant for the bride, seems like just yesterday that all the kids were little, and now they are all growing up. Ian, my nephew, is a really wonderful young man, and it was really special to be there for his wedding. I have to admit, I was definitely a little teary eyed! In fact I'm a little teary eyed writing this post! :)

Soon the bride was walked down the aisle by her father and the wedding began. I love how the ceremony took place out on the bridge over the pond, it was very beautiful.

The ceremony was sweet and traditional. The bride and groom's parents put notes of encouragement into a box for Ian and Nicole to read in the future.

They exchanged their rings.

The ceremony finished with a very sweet kiss. Both the bride and groom seemed very happy. :)

After they walked off they shared a hug and a sweet moment, it was so touching, another happy tear moment for sure! Everyone had a wonderful meal of picnic style foods delicious wraps and sandwiches, cheeses, fruits, perfect food for a summer day, then it was time to cut the cake.

The wedding speeches were very touching everyone did a wonderful job! Here is my sister and my brother-in-law, parents of the groom, they both looked great and I'm sure were very proud of their son. :)

Everyone seemed to be having a great time, the bride and groom left for their honeymoon just as the sun was setting. Overall an amazing and happy day! Congratulations Ian and Nicole!


  1. What a lovely day, full of memories to cherish! I love a country wedding. Now, that final photo of the sunset ~ Wowser does not even begin to cover that! It is awe~some {a word I do not use often}, truly awe~some. ~~~waving~~~

  2. What a beautiful wedding! I love country weddings and weddings that fit the couple.


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