Monday, January 7, 2013

Stairs of 2012

Throughout 2012 every time we were on an adventure, and I would come across an impressive set of stairs, I would make sure and get a picture.   I have a thing for stone stairs and steps and paths, I think they are so beautiful.   I thought it would be fun to gather all of the pictures of these steps in one post to remember all the  different stairways I came across in 2012.

The first set of stone stairs we came across this year were these steps leading down to a beautiful pond at The Rhododendron Gardens.

These, almost prehistoric looking, stairs led us out of the Rhododendron Gardens at the end of our visit.

This set of stone stairs were the biggest we walked up this year, beyond the three flights you can see, I believe there are two to three more, a very fun workout climbing to the top of Mt. Tabor.

You can see Sarah and Joseph part way up.

We also found this much more manageable stairway surrounded by beautiful stones and plants in Mt. Tabor Park.

Here is another simpler set of stairs on Mt. Tabor, more of a gravel stair than stone, but I still liked it.  Great way to climb a little mountain.

We came across this set of stone stairs on the way down to Shepperd's Dell, a very pretty fall we stopped at along the way to Multnomah Falls.

The stone steps and handrail led down to ...

 this beautiful stone path.

This very tall stairway led us into Fort Stevens at the Northern Oregon Coast.  You can see Sarah and Joe way down at the bottom.

Here is a picture looking up the stairway.

We always enjoy this pretty stair path on the grounds of Mt. Hood Community College, where we go to enjoy the highland games every year.

Here is another set of stone stairs on the college campus that we came across during the highland games.

And even though these stairs are metal...

They are inside the very tall stone Astoria Column, a very impressive set of stairs for sure!

These pictures were fun to revisit, and reminded me of all the fun we had throughout 2012.  I am looking forward to all the new adventures I hope to share with my family in 2013.

We have been having a fun time this winter break, we enjoyed lots of family time, went to see Les Mis and The Hobbit, both excellent movies, and have enjoyed all the extra late mornings, and relaxation.   Yesterday was Epiphany, and end to the 12 days of Christmas, we had a nice simple gingerbread cake to celebrate, you can read more about our Epiphany Traditions in my post from last year.  Tomorrow we will be back to our normal routine, and I am looking forward to getting to work on projects that I set aside over the break.

I hope everyone has had a nice beginning to the New Year! :)

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