Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

We have been happily busy enjoying our winter break, and we had a very nice Christmas!

Last Sunday I shared The Christmas story from Luke Chapter 2 with my Sunday school class, I brought in two new Nativity sets for the kids to play with while I shared the story.

I bought these sets at and was happy with both of them, the Melissa and Doug Set is very colorful, and the kids really enjoyed playing with the pieces and setting it up.  When I brought out the Olive Wood set, which is very tiny and hand carved with very simple details, the kids all thought it was very nice, they really enjoyed its simplicity, and got a kick out of the fact that it came from Olive Wood from Bethlehem.  They surprisingly asked -"So Bethlehem is a real place? You can still go there?"  It was nice to discuss that with them.

                                                        Melissa & Doug Nativity Set

                                             Olive Wood Children's Nativity Set (12 Pieces Set).

After church I got back home and baked more cookies, and put the finishing touches on the gifts.  I am normally done weeks earlier, but this busy year I was behind, and a bit disorganized.  A giant thanks to my dear hubby who, without complaint, ran to the store multiple times all the way through Christmas Eve as it would dawn on me that I needed various odds and ends!  Next year, I hope to be back to my old system of being very organized with the holidays! :)

I decided to frost my gingerbread cutouts with white frosting and currents.

I tried out two new recipes this year, this Andes Mint Cookie recipe from Six Sisters Stuff Blog, which turned out yummy, and was so easy to make.

And these Lemon Cool Whip Crinkle Cookies from  Six Sisters Stuff Blog, which are delicious, and also extremely easy.  Both recipes are made using cake mixes and only a few other simple ingredients.

I had a lot of fun wrapping a special gift to all of us. We are all fans of Doctor Who, I have been watching since high school back when it aired on PBS and Tom Baker was the Doctor  and have shared many old episodes with the family, and we all love the new series as well, since we got rid of all but the most basic cable a little over a year ago, we have been missing the series.  So I got us the series on DVD.  I wrapped it in a box to look like the Tardis (The Doctor's time machine), and of course it was delivered from The Doctor. :)  Sarah and Joe loved it, and were very surprised, we look forward to catching up on the series over break.

For the bow, I found a Tardis printable online to cut out and fold together.  I had a lot of fun with this gift wrapping!

Christmas Morning we all enjoyed unwrapping gifts, and the dogs got in on the action, both of our dogs thought all that wrapping paper was great fun.  Our oldest dog promptly made a nice nest of paper to lay in.

Both dogs were really excited when it was their turn to unwrap a couple of gifts, and loved their new chewy toys and squeaky dolls.  Both dogs were being very entertaining, it was cute!

As soon as presents were unwrapped, I got busy cooking a huge Christmas feast.  I was too busy cooking to take pictures, but the food all turned out yummy- We had Ham, Sausage Rice Casserole, Cheesy Baked Hash-brown Casserole, sweet and sour meatballs, broccoli bacon raisin salad, and Mandarin Orange Ambrosia, and rolls, with lots of cookies for dessert.

We had a house full of family to celebrate with, I really enjoyed seeing everyone.

This week, we have been relaxing, cleaning up, we did a little sale shopping, and yesterday went out to the movies to see The Hobbit, which I really loved!

Tonight we are going to have a fun evening ringing in the New Year.  Good movies, some yummy appetizers, as well as trying out the new fondue pot we got for Christmas, should make for a fun evening!  I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year's Eve, I am looking forward to the New Year!


  1. Looks like a nice Christmas, April. The cookies look delicious. Happy New Year, dear blogging friend!

  2. Thank you Jane. :) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well, Happy New Year!

  3. being a 'Whovian' I love that TARDIS giftwrap idea! Looks great fun was had by all, including the dogs!


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