Friday, October 7, 2011

The Bone House Book Review

This is my first review of a book for Booksneeze. I love reading all sorts of books, and I thought it would be fun to do an occasional book review.

The Book I am reviewing is called The Bone House, and is written by Stephen R. Lawhead

I enjoy historical fantasy type stories. This story takes place in many locations throughout history, through time travel. The characters are able to time travel using the Earth's Ley lines, or the energy grid which interconnects all over Earth. The characters are searching for a map that will help them master ley line time travel, some of the people searching have evil intentions, and some have good intentions. Pieces to this puzzle are scattered throughout time. This book travels to many interesting locations, such as Stonehenge, Egypt, Prague in the 17th century and the stone age.

I thought that this book had a very interesting concept, and loved the historical aspect. What I didn't enjoy was that the book jumped around between five or more different story lines. Now I have read many books that jump around between character's different story lines, and always manage to keep up, this book was very difficult to follow. The character's were all very interesting, however, the interest was lost due to the book being very wordy, for lack of a better term. I wanted to like this book, I even thought at first that it might interest my teens since they like fantasy adventure stories, but I had such a difficult time finishing this book. I am very curious to try reading this author again, he writes a lot of Celtic based stories and that sounds very interesting to me, and he has written many books, so maybe it was just this one that was off a bit, I am not sure.

I would say that this book had an interesting enough concept, and that I would read more work by this writer, but I would not suggest this book, and I would probably not read a sequel.

If anyone out there has read this book or any other's by this writer, I would love to hear your thoughts. I had fun reviewing this book even if it wasn't my cup of tea, and look forward to doing another review!

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  1. I'm so glad you are doing the booksneeze program! I'm glad to know what you thought about this book. I considered getting a copy to review but wasn't sure. I still might but based on your honest opinion I might pick something else on the list. Great review!


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