Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend & Garden Update

We have had a very fun and busy labor day weekend. Last week both of my children were back to school, both of my children are now in high school, and this Friday night was the first home football game of the year.

Now, I am not a big sports fan, but I have always loved going to watch a high school football game. The energy and excitement, the community, the fresh air, as well as everyone cheering on the players is wonderful!

Although our team lost 35 to 38, it was a wonderful, close game, with many exciting plays. Attending high school football games is one of my favorite fall activities, and I look forward to attending a few more games this season.

Saturday we got up, met my sister and her family, and we helped my mother move to her new home in a town only 15 minutes away from me. As always, I loved hanging out with my family, and am happy that my mom has moved closer, so we can visit more often. It was wonderful now that my children and their cousins are all getting to the age where they were able to really lend a hand, all of the kids did such a wonderful job helping out with the cleaning and the moving. Silly me brought my camera, of course hoping to get pictures of all the kids on moving day, but got so busy I forgot.

The air in our area has been very smokey this week due to winds blowing in from forest fires, smells like a big campfire, especially Saturday, not too good for the lungs! I sure love all this sun we are having, but a nice bit of rain would do great for both the garden and the smoke.

Church was nice on Sunday, I enjoyed teaching my Sunday school class, the second half of church Gary and I spent locating an animal hospital open on Sunday for the cutest little kitten that was found in our church parking lot, the poor little thing got herself stuck up in a car, and her leg was dislocated. Luckily we found an open vet, and brought the kitten to them, I am very grateful to the animal clinic, they were so friendly. Here is a picture of the little cutey. Praying for her speedy recovery!!

Today I was able to get out in the garden, and thought I would bring my camera, and do a garden update.

The pumpkins are starting to turn a nice orange color.

Here is a pumpkin that has grown right through the fence, we will have to remove it before it does any further damage to the fence. When I planted the pumpkins next to the fence, I didn't realize they would climb it, but they have, and it looks pretty neat to have pumpkin vines on the fence.

The acorn squash has produced 3-4 squash, and they are finally starting to turn a nice green. I was concerned about them not producing this year, as I didn't thin them enough. I am always hesitant to thin, but next year I just need to make my self thin them enough. My miniature Hubbard squash just didn't have a hot enough season, and they are still the size of a large walnut. Next year, I plan on starting the winter squash early in a greenhouse.

I have planted Some Blue Dwarf Curled Kale, and some Neon and Flamingo Swiss Chard where the green beans were, this week I am going to harvest the last few big zucchini, and plant some fall lettuce.

The tomatoes are doing well in all of this sunshine. So is my little pot of corn.

Here are my yellow pear tomatoes.

Here are my Sungold cherry tomatoes.

The peppers are still producing a bunch of peppers.- Pico De Gallo this week!

My little pool of zinnias are doing well, the leaves have been nibbled at by some pest, but the flowers still look bright and pretty, I did this as an experiment to see if they would grow in this old broken kiddie pool I had. Next Year I look forward to filling it will zinnias and cosmos.

The rest of September I am looking forward to getting my bulb order soon, as well as continuing to get my fall garden planted. What do you plant in the fall garden?


  1. What a beautiful garden you have! This is our first year of having a tiny little garden. We grew zucchini. Our tomatoes are sparse. Desert growing is challenging but I'm hoping next year we can do better with our tomatoes.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'll be sure to put up some pics of my very modest chalk board drawings. lol


  2. Hope your little kitten is doing well. Your garden really is wonderful. You are such a good example to all those that say they don't have room for a garden. I love seeing it's progress!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Becca & Jane!

    Becca, I look forward to seeing your chalk drawings, desert gardening sounds very interesting, I always have wondered how I would handle that, I love experimenting in the garden, and seeing what I can grow. :)

    Jane, thanks for your interest in my garden, I do hope to encourage people to garden in small spaces, the challenge has been very rewarding! I am looking forward to hearing from the vet today on the progress of the little kitten's leg. :)

    Thanks for your kind comments! ~April

  4. April, thanks for linking up your garden update and entering the giveaway :). I would love to grow my own pumpkins.... hmmm, maybe next year?

  5. How fun, I want a garden, but its so hot in the desert. I have to use some pots. I love your pumpkin pictures.

    Stopping by from the Wild Weds hop.

  6. Nice garden! I use to love eating my gmas little yellow pear tomatos rigth off the vine lol!
    Hi, Im a new follower, loving the blog! Stopping by from the Wednesday Blog hop I would love to invite you to follow me back, J'S REVIEWS AND GIVEAWAYS
    Thanks so much! have a great day!

  7. Hello from a new follower!

  8. Love your pumpkin in the fence! I scattered seeds this past winter but since we've had a drought nothing came up. Last year I had quite the pumpkin patch doing that.

    I'm your newest follower and would love for you to follow me.
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  9. It's so nice of you to take the time and trouble to help the kitten. As for your garden, the produce looks delicious!

  10. Thanks so much for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's this week! i love the pumpkins you planted! I am really going to try and grow those next year! So much decorating you can do with those & saves the money of buying them! xoxo, tracie

  11. Thanks everyone for all of the positive comments! ~April


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