Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Projects

I am getting very excited for gardening season to start, although I do garden pretty much year round in some way or another, late spring, and summer are always such an exciting time with so much going on in the garden. I mentioned in my last post that Gary was hard at work building me a fence to keep Cordelia (aka my crazy puppy), who loves to dig, out of my veggie garden. Gary along with my son Joseph have done a wonderful job, the fence looks so wonderful, the gate will be put on this week.
Also the kids have both been hard at work on their school work, the end of the year is always filled with lots of projects, and lots of studying. I was able to snap a candid picture of my Sarah hard at work on a history project, as well as some pictures of the guys hard at work on our fence.

We are looking forward to Earth Day 2010 tomorrow, we will be having a vegetarian day, as well as adding a new tree to the garden ( we are hoping to add a blue spruce, but we will see what the garden center has), as well as checking out the new film Avatar. This weekend we will be attending "Greenstock" a local Earth day concert in the park put on by the high school environmental club. Hope you all have a great Earth Day.

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