Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day 2010

We had a great Earth Day this year, we had a great day out in the garden, Sarah helped me get all the annuals planted in the front yard, Gary and Joe worked on the garden fence more. I also got some of the veggies planted, although I think I was too excited and maybe planted them a bit too early this year- the weather was beautiful and sunny, but it is back to rain already, so I may get over to the garden store today to fashion some sort of greenhouse over the plants. I could not find a tree to plant, so we will have to work on that next week. I really want an evergreen for the birds. I have nearly gotten the garden ready to be registered as a backyard habitat, I still have to add bird houses, and nesting boxes, Gary and the kids will take on that project. I had my first hummingbird in the yard this morning, it was so beautiful. Our old property was a registered habitat, but it was a little easier because the property was so large, it had most of the elements in place, I hope to have the yard ready very soon. We just got back from "Greenstock" the high schools environmental club did a good job, and it was fun, I packed a nice picnic, the weather was very cold and rainy so the kids got some Oregonian training in, and luckily there was a covered picnic area. We will head back later for some more music. We watched half of Avatar, the graphics are amazing, the storyline so far has been interesting and engaging, I look forward to seeing how it ends. Hope you all were able to get outside a little for Earth week, I have included some pictures of my garden, and the fence project.

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