Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our New Puppy.

As you can tell, I have been unable to post since November. I was all organized for a lovely Christmas holiday season, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a little black, furry, very cute little puppy. Gary (hubby) went to the grocery store to pick up some holiday baking goods for me, and couldn't resist bringing home a puppy from a litter being given away outside the front of the store. When he called and said he was bringing her home I was not too happy, don't get me wrong, I love animals, but I know the amount of work that goes into puppies and I also know that my old, set in her ways, lab Xena would also probably not be too happy w/ the new little critter. But when I saw her for the first time, I couldn't resist, she was absolutely adorable. Even Xena was tolerant. So began my very hectic winter. Our little puppy is named Cordelia (a suggestion from my sister)- we call her Cordy for short. She was 6 weeks old when we got her, and was supposed to be mostly lab- her mother was a fairly pure Golden lab, and the father was thought to be some type of black lab mix. She is now roughly 15 weeks, and has grown to a large 34 lbs. Yikes! We are pretty sure the daddy must have had something pretty big mixed w/ him like Mastiff or Newfoundland. She loves to chew (everything), she can reach the kitchen counters, she is very playful, and very smart. Potty training has been a big challenge, but we are getting there. We are just now settling in to a nice schedule, and I am hoping to be able to get back to my crafting in time for spring, as well as updating my blog more often. I will do my intended Christmas posts, and finish out w/ a Groundhogs day post as well. Here are some pictures of our new addition.

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