Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Christmas 2009.

Here are a few of our Christmas decoration pictures, I have a very eclectic mix of ornaments and decor, I love Scandinavian Christmas things, I was able to make some new additions to my Cardboard village, in my living room I like some of my more modern whimsical items, and my tree is a conglomeration of it all- Modern, old world, Scandinavian, Victorian, as well as our fun Sci-Fi Hallmark ornaments, we love our Star Trek ornaments, it all comes together to create a fun and warm environment, not to stuffy and perfect, but still beautiful. We had a nice Christmas this year, different gifts for the kids now that they are in their teens. We had fun watching Christmas movies, Sarah did the singing Christmas tree again, we had one snowy day, and did a nice amount of baking. I was able to bake lots of Gingerbread boys, and sugar cookies, we all had fun decorating them, as well as current cookies, snowballs, lemon tassies, spritz, Krumkaka, and rosettes. I made a Gingerbread Chalet, and two Gingerbread trees as well. We had a fun family celebration here on Christmas Eve, and the day after Christmas, on Christmas day we had a nice quiet meal together of one of our favorite holiday meals- Duck w/ orange sauce, and all the yummy side dishes, it was very nice.

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