Monday, September 21, 2009


This past weekend we were able to attend the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest- I have always wanted to attend this event- but wasn't sure where Mt. Angel was- this summer while we were out driving around we found it was only 15 minutes from our house! It was a very fun event, great music, dancing, very yummy food (German sausages and funnel cakes), and best of all the kids loved the wiener dog races. Oktoberfest is a fun way to welcome the fall- getting out among such a happy group of people was great. We brought home some frozen locally made german sausages to enjoy later this week, and on the way home stopped at a farm stand to pick up some acorn squash. Such a fun weekend. Below is a video my son took of the weiner dog races.


  1. Love the pics! And ya gotta love the weiner dogs :) I think that you should post some recipes on here. I know I would love them!

  2. Sounds like a good idea, I put one in my post today.


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