Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First Day of Fall

Today is the first day of fall, my favorite season. The weather here is extremely hot, which is good for the corn I am still trying to grow, but I do look forward to the crisp, blustery fall days. Tonight we will have some of the german sausages we brought home from Oktoberfest and I was going to make our sqash, but the oven being on today would not be welcome. This fall I will be working on needle felting an entire gnome harvest village to add to my fall decor, I have included a picture of a few of the items I have already made. Needle felting is a new craft for me this year and I just love working with it. The full moon picture was taken by my son during the first home football game for our local high school earlier this month. High school football games are one of my favorite fall things to do. Great, crisp fall air, and freinds, and the excitement. I look forward to sharing all of my fall activities - I have set a cleaning goal for myself for this fall in addition to my regular fall cleanup- from now until the end of October- I want to find five items a day to give away. My house isn't overly cluttered but it is amazing how much stuff accumulates- so I will be curious to see if I can find this many items. Hope everyone has a great first day of fall!

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