Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Getting Ready for Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year, I love the change in the weather, as well as the focus on getting back to a routine after a busy summer. I always start out the fall season with a nice deep cleaning of our home, similar to a spring cleaning. I wrote a post a few years back about my Big Fall Clean Up. I love getting everything cleaned up and ready for a new season.

The garden had some nice fall offerings this week. I went out and picked all of the mini pumpkins that I grew this year. I ended up with two little orange sugar pumpkins and four little mini white pumpkins. I love little pumpkins and was exited that I was able to grow some this year. Next year I plan to plant even more! The marigolds and snapdragons are still blooming and are just perfect for fall color. Next year I plan to add quite a bit more snapdragons, they do so well in our garden and provide blooms for such a long time compared to some of the other flowers. I love all the oranges and yellow and coral colors of the fall flowers. :)

Another exciting thing this past week was the lunar eclipse. This eclipse was the last of four eclipses in a row, and I was able to see all four. I wrote posts of the last two as well, the one earlier this year, the April 2015 eclipse, and the one last fall the Eclipse of October 2014. Here are pictures from this year. The moon was really low as the eclipse began and hadn't risen high enough to see at first. I was unable to watch the eclipse at the beginning stages as I had been able to easily do for the other three. We decided to drive to a better viewing spot at a nearby park, and were able to see it just as it was completely eclipsed. It was really difficult to capture any photo, but it was a wonderful dark red color. We went back home and watched the eclipse pass and the moon return to normal, the moon had risen more and we were able to see it perfectly from our backyard. Thankfully the sky was clear and we had a lovely view! :)

Last night, although the moon was not full, it was still very large and bright, and looked very cool through the clouds in the sky. Definitely looks like a fall night sky! 

I have been having a lot of fun finding new decorations for fall, I found a bunch of cute decorations at the Target discount section. You can check out my video below if you would like to see some of the decorations I found.

Here is another video with all the decor and fall soaps and candles that I found at Target and Bath & Body Works when I went back for another round of fall shopping. I have found so many cute decorations, I love updating our holiday decor from time to time, and am super excited to start decorating for Halloween and fall this week. 

I am hoping to finish my fall cleanup and decorating soon so I can post pictures. I hope everyone else is enjoying the fall season! Here is one last picture of one of my tiny pumpkins, this one was such a perfect vibrant orange color!

Come back on October first for a fun Giveaway. I thought that it would be fun, in honor of the Halloween and Fall season, to giveaway a set of Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas Tsum Tsums. I have been having so much fun collecting Tsum Tsums this year, and I thought this was such a fun set for the Halloween season. 

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