Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Finally Got My New Computer Up and Running

I am so glad to finally have my new computer up and running!! A few weeks back my very old computer finally decided to give out, I knew it was getting close to time to replace it, so we had already begun looking around at new computers. My old computer was also completely full of a massive amount of photos. So we purchased an external hard drive with a good amount of storage and got all of my photos and files saved to it. Last week the delivery man brought my computer, and not being technically gifted, it took me quite some time to figure out how to get everything up and running.  My old operating system was Vista, which shows just how old it was, and now I am working with the new Windows 10, which I am still getting used to. This morning I finally downloaded my old pictures onto my new computer as well as downloaded all of the pictures that have been gathering on my camera, and I am glad to be back to blogging!!

We have been having a fun summer, and over the next couple of weeks I hope to catch up on sharing all of our summer fun.

One of the events that I look forward to sharing more about is our day at the Hello Kitty Supercute Friendship Festival. I was up late one evening and turned on my TV to a local station and an ad for this Hello Kitty festival was playing. I am a huge long time Hello Kitty and Sanrio Character fan and was so excited to hear about this event. Even though it was late I went right to my computer and bought tickets for the event, and I am so glad I did. We had a wonderful time, Gary took Sarah and I, and we had a really fun time. I will be blogging about this event this week, and I am also hoping to learn how to edit videos so I can include some video clips of this really fun event.

This week I had another fun outing. I had a fun day hanging out with my young niece and nephew at Toys R Us for the Shopkins Swap-kins Party. Earlier this summer I started collecting Shopkins, I have always been fond of little toys like this, and when I saw how cute the different designs were I was hooked. Shopkins are now into season three figures and they are as popular as ever. I had a bunch of duplicates, so I gave them to my niece and nephew so they could start their own collection. We had fun at the event trading Shopkins with other kids, as well as some fun coloring activities. We also got an exclusive poster and a trading card. We all had a fun day hanging out in the toy store afterward and looking at all of the new toys, I got some wonderful ideas for Christmas as well. I will be sharing about my Shopkins collection in a future post.

The summer vegetable garden is doing well. The pepper plants are fully loaded, as are the squash plants. My squash patch is full of bigger squash that will be perfect for stuffing and turning into breads and zucchini fritters.

I am most excited about my little pumpkin plants. Not many of the pumpkin seeds I planted germinated, and in fact a lot of the bed is taken over by volunteer squash from last years forgotten seeds. Since I wasn't sure what they were until they started making squash I didn't want to pull them out. So I only have three little pumpkin vines. I was worried I wouldn't have any little pumpkins, so I was super excited when I saw these little pumpkins forming on the vine. So far I have two little sugar pumpkins growing, as well as one little mini white pumpkin. I am hoping I get a couple more little white pumpkins, it looks like the vine is just getting going, so I hope so. I always get excited when the pumpkins show up in the garden, it reminds me that fall is just around the corning. I love fall, it is my favorite time of year!

Overall we have had an incredibly hot summer, we are in a heat wave for sure! We have been setting record highs all summer long, and are about to break the record for most days above 90 degrees. Although I do love pretty sunshiny days, I prefer our more normal Oregon Valley weather where it isn't quite so hot for so many days. Some of my garden plants, despite watering, have just given up in all of this heat, and I will be replacing some of them next spring for sure. Many parts of the state are having bad problems with wild fires, and they are definitely in my prayers, I know that a lot of people have lost their homes, and that fire fighters are risking their lives to keep everyone safe. So around here we have decided to postpone any of our summer fire pit evenings until the fall when things cool down and we get some much needed rain!

With all of these hot days, the sky has had some beautiful sunsets, here is one from the other night, I love how the sun is shining on these fluffy clouds.

Thanks for stopping by, now that I am back up and running I hope to get back to more regular blogging, as well as getting around to all the bloggers that I read, and catch up on my reading. :) Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. Good to see you back. I've not been online much myself. Your garden is looking good! Fall is already in the air here, and after the desperate lack of Summer, I plan to make the most of every early Fall~feeling day.

    1. Thank you. :) Yes, even with my computer down I was not online much even on my mobile devices, I think all this summer heat has a way of slowing me down. With fall on the way I am always inspired to do so many more projects. Such a nice time of year. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. Glad to read that you and your family are safe and sound, April. Hope it cools off for you soon, too. Somewhere in the world it must be cool. You certainly live in a fun area of the country. Keep all that joy in toys and fun, it will keep you young! Hopefully Windows 10 is easier to work with than Windows 8, with it's "hot" corners. Have a nice remainder of the week!


    1. Thank you. :) I will be looking forward to cooler days as well, we usually are hot all the way through September but we do start to have more rain, so that will be nice. The Pacific Northwest is a fun part of the country, we definitely have a lot of fun events. Being close to Portland is a plus so that we can take part in some fun things the city has to offer, without it being too big of a city. But I sure do love living in a rural area outside of town, because although I love driving into the city from time to time, I really prefer our small town day to day. The best of both worlds. :) Hope you have a great week as well! :)


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