Thursday, June 18, 2015

ICAD Week 2 Summer Art Project

This week I have had lots of fun working on my summer art project taking part in ICAD 2015- Index Card A Day Challenge, where you do art on an index card every day from June 1st through July 31. You can follow weekly themes and daily prompts if you want. You can read more about ICAD 2015 on my post about Week 1 or at the ICAD website. This weeks theme was painting- using mediums such as watercolor, watercolor pencils, gouache, or acrylics. Here's how my cards turned out this week.

I had fun using different paints this week. I also have given myself the added challenge of finding a bible verse for each card, so I can start my art Bible journaling. This week I mostly went with joyful and inspiring verses, and a couple verses that the prompt made me think of. Day 8's prompt was grapefruit and cherry, I used Prismacolor Watercolor pencils for the first time, as well as accent white Sakura Gelly Roll gel pen. I really love how the Prismacolor watercolor pencils work, they sort of remind me of those watercolor activity books I would get as a child, the sort you just add water to and the color spreads, but in this case, you get to draw on the initial lines, they blend really well, and the colors are pretty vibrant. Since it was a fruit theme I chose the fruits of the spirit verse.

Day 9's prompt was carrot and lemon, I used my watercolor pencils again, and embellished with Sakura Glaze pens.

Day 10's prompt was eggplant and ginger, for this prompt I decided to go with eggplant and ginger colors and try out my new Gelatos. Gelatos go on almost like a cross between a crayon and a tube of lipstick, then using a mini mister you can spray them with water and the colors blend using a blending tool. To prep the surface of the card I painted it with a thin layer of acrylic gesso, then added and blended Gelatos, I did the center with chalkboard paint and wrote in white Sakura gel pen, and added a champagne glitter to the surface. It was fun experimenting with a new medium, I was starting to get the feel for how Gelatos work.

Day 11's prompt was lime and mango, I used watercolor pencils and drew limes with a mango colored background, and again did my verse on chalkboard paint with white gel pen.

Day 12's prompt was parsnip and kiwi, I chose to go with the colors of parsnip near the middle and kiwi toward the outside of the card. I wanted to practice blending the Gelatos more, I prepped the surface with gesso, and got a lot better feel for the Gelatos, I can see how they would be really fun to use for all sorts of projects. Again I did my verse on chalkboard pain. I was happy I had a little bottle of chalkboard paint, I purchased it a few months back from the Target dollar bins, and it has been fun to use.

Day 13's prompt was blueberry and plum, I used watercolor pencil again, and drew a representation of my little blueberry pots that I have in my garden as well as the the decorative plum tree I have in my front yard. I was going for a more red/purple leaf on the tree, but I only have twelve colors and my blending didn't go as planned, but I still liked it overall.

My day 9 and 13's cards had matching trees, I thought it would be fun to try the tree a second time.

Day 14's prompt was salt and pepper, I decided to go with a black and white color scheme and only focus on the salt, I did a chalkboard paint background and drew with Sakura white gel pen, and I used some white and iridescent glitter for the salt. I had fun with this picture, I really like working with the white gel pen on black.

I had fun with the painting theme of week 2, next week's theme is collage. I haven't done much collage, but I do a lot of paper crafting so I am looking forward to working on collages this week. I stopped by Michael's this Sunday, I needed a few supplies, I picked up some new ink pads, and a couple new stamps, and found some fun things for collage week. I bought a pack of book pages, I love using book print for backgrounds, but since I'm allergic to old paper I don't keep a stock of old book to use, and of course the books I do keep I don't want to use them, in the past I have made copies of book pages, but I thought this little pack would be fun to have around, it was fairly inexpensive, and the pages are in all different sizes with different printing and some cute images. I also found some mini word flashcards, and some very cute mini button brads. It's always fun to add to my art supply stash. :)

Week three has been going on now for a few days and I have been enjoying working on my collage cards. I also really love checking out all the art work that other participants in ICAD post, there are some amazing artists who take part in ICAD, as well as people doing all different types of art, it is really a great learning experience. If you are interested in taking part you can jump right in, stop by and visit the website for instructions if your interested by clicking the link below, it is definitely a fun way to practice art every day! :)

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  1. I love your cards... I used the same focus for my Salt and Pepper card, though, pressed for time that day... I didn't admit, I didn't spend much time on it!
    I've enjoyed seeing all the creativity with this summer time challenge.
    I'm impressed with people that don't need a prompt to create; and am grateful to have the prompt as a jumping off place.!

    1. Thanks! :) I like the prompts as well, they really help give me a focus, otherwise, I think I would have trouble starting. :) I love seeing everyone's cards as well, they are so fun to see.

  2. Ooh, my favorite is day 14 - the white on black is lovely!

  3. So cute! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!


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