Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcoming Spring and Repotting Orchids

A couple of weeks ago my garden welcomed spring with quite a show of blossoms. I love spring blossoms, what a beautiful sight! I was able to get some pretty pictures while my tree was in bloom, they only last for a short time, and then the wind and rain returns and blows them away into what looks like pretty pink snow flying through the air, which I think is also rather beautiful.

All of my other spring bulbs are brightening up my garden as well, the grape hyacinth and the heather are always beautiful.

I found one little fiery red tulip blooming behind a shrub, and the rest of my tulips are just about to open up as well. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.

Inside the house I have been slowly but surely making my way through some of my spring cleaning tasks. One thing I have been eager to do was repot my orchids. I currently have five of them and they sit in my kitchen window. Every time they are done blooming I cut back the stem, and look forward to them returning again. Every time they re-bloom it is a surprise to me, I just love it. Anyway, some of them were well past due to be put in a larger pot, and most of them were in the unmatched pots they came in.

I was happy to find very nice all white pots with different designs but all the same size and color. I found them at Ikea priced very reasonably. I purchased 8 pots, so I would have matching pots if my collection should grow (which I imagine it will), but also to limit the amount that will comfortably fit in my windowsill. After watching a few tutorials on YouTube about how to refresh and repot orchids, I cleaned off the roots, and trimmed them back, filled the pots with new orchid potting mix, planted the orchids in their new pots, and used a damp cloth to clean the leaves. My orchid collection looks much nicer with the new pots, and hopefully the plants have a little more room to grow. :)

What is blooming in your garden?

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  1. Hi, Your orchids are beautiful. I never have any luck with them and they are one of my favourites. Living in Italy they are everywhere. I might just give it another try. Thanks Rosemary (from Katherine's thursday blog hop)

  2. I just had to come over to see your thoughts on repotting orchids. So few of mine have bloomed twice, however you have now inspired me!

    2014 Artists Series

  3. Thank you for your comments Rosemary and Karena. :) Caring for orchids is fun and relatively easy, at least on this scale. To get them to grow back, when all the flowers have died, I cut the stem way back, either all the way to the bottom or a few inches from the bottom. Then I continue caring for the plant, and just when I least expect it a new shoot comes up and flowers are soon to follow. Orchids are very enjoyable houseplants! Thanks again for stopping by and commenting! :)

  4. Thank you so much for the tips! I've been needing to repot some orchids and I'm visiting over from Kathryn's Korner Thanks again!

  5. Your orchids are really beautiful.
    what great colors.
    How wonderful to have them in your garden :)

  6. Wow, you have such a beautiful garden! I don't have patience for gardening, though I've always wanted my own herbs, so I'd like to give it a try soon.

  7. It's funny you mention orchids because I just found out a friend of mine is deathly allergic to them. I told her that it was good they weren't that common but she said that this spring, they're EVERYWHERE.

    They are beautiful.


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