Tuesday, December 17, 2013

O Christmas Tree

One week until Christmas Eve!  This past weekend was full of Christmas fun, Sarah and Joseph performed in the Singing Christmas Tree, and in between that, throughout the week, we have slowly been decorating our Christmas Tree.

This year's Singing Christmas Tree had the theme "Christmas in Oz" all the singers had to dress up as people in Oz dressed for Christmas.  This is how Sarah and Joe's costumes turned out.

Here is a little glimpse at the Singing Christmas Tree event.  Singing Christmas Tree is a yearly tradition of ours that we enjoy every year.

In addition to the Singing Christmas Tree, this week we have been decorating our Christmas tree.  Normally we decorate the tree in one day, this year it has taken us all week, and we still are not completely done. Now that the kids are older they are much busier, so we have been decorating it in 20 minute increments! 

We are lucky to live in Clackamas County, Oregon, the largest producer in the Country of live Christmas trees, and our county is were the majority in Oregon are grown.  When you drive past the large tree farms all through November and December the air completely smells of Christmas trees.  Earlier in the month we drove by a farm using a helicopter to help with the harvest, so we stopped for a bit to watch and take pictures.  

As you can imagine, trees are available on every corner in town, the last few years we have purchased our tree from the same lot, we always find the one we like right away. Our car always looks very Griswaldy driving back home!

Here's our Christmas Tree!

We have been collecting ornaments as a family for 20 years, and I also have some from when I was a child. We have had many different themes over the years and have quite an eclectic mix of ornaments.  This year our tree is a mix of all of our favorites, from Victorian to Mid-Century Modern, from Scandinavian Rustic to Modern Pop-Culture Hallmark Ornaments, our tree has it all!  It's a bit jumbled, but fun to look at!  

Hope everyone is having a nice week before Christmas!

Thanks for reading!

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