Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Autumn Home and An Autumn Drive

This weekend was nice, with the Veterans' Day Holiday break, we all had a much needed rest from our busy fall schedule.  We had time to play some board games together, and spent some quiet time around the house, it was just what we all needed!

Last week, Gary and I took a short drive just outside of town, and had fun taking pictures of all the autumn beauty around us.  This is one of my favorite barns, it always begs for a picture.

We always love driving over the river, the trees were beautiful!

In town, the lumber yard is busy, busy, and full of timber.

This is my favorite little silo, I love how it is tucked behind the tree.

Here is the silo from a different angle so you can see the whole thing.

I always enjoy a drive through our surrounding countryside, I love all the trees, old barns and outbuildings. Getting out for a short drive is always refreshing to me.  I'm glad we were able to go when we did, because a few days later we had such a blustery day a lot of the trees lost a good portion of their leaves.

The house is all decorated for Thanksgiving, and full of my autumn treasures.  I love my little Yankee Candle Nut Babies.

Most of our fall decor pieces are old favorites that we enjoy bringing out every year.  This year I was excited when I found a few new pieces, this darling little fox is one I added this year, he was calling my name from a fall clearance shelf.  He is so cute, I'm not sure he will get packed away, he may have to stay out year round!

I also added two pieces to my tin wind-up toy collection, and I thought they looked nice among the fall decor.  I fell in love with this tin toy, the loggers are sawing through a log! I love the little mushrooms along the bottom border!

Here is a video of this toy in action.

Just when I thought I was done adding to my tin toy collection for the time being, I came across these pecking chickens, and couldn't resist.  I love chickens and miss raising them, so this little flock will have to tide me over for now.

Here they are in action.

So that is my fall home. :)  Thanks for stopping by!

You might also enjoy my post from last winter's frozen fog drive, some of the same pictures but all in their winter glory.


  1. Thanks for sharing all your cute fall décor at my party this week.


  2. Thank you Linda, I am enjoying your linky party! :)

  3. I love photographing old barns too! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my What I Love About Fall post!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful and make me want to go on a fall drive today!



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