Friday, July 5, 2013

A Small Town Fourth of July - Part One

We had a wonderful Fourth of July Celebration yesterday, and spent the day taking part in our small town festivities.

The weather was absolutely beautiful, nice bright sunny weather, but not too hot.  The town's parade is in walking distance from our house so we grabbed our fold-up chairs and walked a few blocks to find a seat for the parade.  

The parade started off with a marathon, and we all cheered on the runners.  Then the parade began.  There were vehicles and representatives from the local police and fire departments.

A lot of red white and blue and nods to our town's rural farming and logging roots.  

There were lots of beautiful horses, as well as some rodeo royalty. :)

Some of the parade entrants made me smile- I loved the old man in overalls driving the old tractor, I am a huge fan of Smokey The Bear, the Clickscales Porta-loo twisting and turning along the parade route made us all laugh, and the giant Ronald McDonald Shoe was pretty fun too!

I enjoyed the traditional Hispanic outfits of these riders and dancers, I especially love the vibrant yellow!
This darling little rider and her miniature horse along with a darling baby horse was soooo cute!  Hmmm...just might be the right size horse for my little garden. ;)

We were especially excited to see the Molalla cheerleaders marching in the parade, my son's girlfriend is one of the captains, and we were watching the parade with her family.  They did a great job!!

More Red, White and Blue fun- a family from our church decorated their truck red white and blue, and another truck was decorated in support of our troops.

The parade was a lot of fun, when it was done we spent some time chatting with friends, and then walked home to get ready for the rest of the day.  Stay tuned for part two. :)

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Fourth of July.  Do you have a local parade that you attend?

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  1. What a wonderful day you had, and thank you for sharing it. I miss Fourth of July so much and it is so good to see your lovely photos and words, that I don't feel quite so left out Across The Pond
    Deborah C♥

  2. Thanks Deborah! I have a lot of fun with Fourth of July traditions, glad you enjoyed the pictures! :)

  3. What a great parade!! Our town does one for Memorial Day, but not the Fourth. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!!


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