Friday, April 5, 2013

A Very Busy Spring

Sorry for the long bloggy break, we have had a very busy last couple of weeks.  Last week was spring break, and I had planned quite a few projects. My daughter is updating her room in honor of her upcoming graduation, and we also thought we would tackle some organizing projects.  We also were very busy helping my mother move, and all the packing that goes along with that.  My mother will be staying with us for a month, while we get her moved into her new home, so we were also rearranging things around the house for company.  Although the week was beyond busy, it ended with a very nice Easter celebration, my sister and her family were able to come for a visit, and we had an impromptu Easter dinner with lots of family fun.

I was too busy to snap pictures most of the time, but here are a few pictures I have captured throughout the last couple of weeks.

The weather has been back and forth between very nice and sunny and then back to rainy, one evening, on our way home, the sunset was so beautiful, the sky was hazy and the way the sun looked through the haze was really interesting, the camera didn't quite capture what we saw, but it was pretty watching it set.

The same time we were watching the hazy sunset, across the road a very vibrant rainbow was shining through the hazy dark sky, it was stunning, we had to pull over to get a good look.

While helping my mother pack we were going through some very old pictures and things.  I really loved this old picture of my "Nana" and "Dune" - my great grandparents, from back in the thirties, all dressed up to go to a Greek wedding according to the back of the photo.  I always hear wonderful stories about my great grandparents, and it is fun to see pictures like this, I love my nana's hair cut and her very pretty dress, I wonder what the wedding was like. :)

Our Easter celebration was fun, Sarah and Joe were happy with their Easter gifts, Joseph was happy with his giant chocolate Easter bunny, he saw it when we were shopping and thought it would be wonderful.  Sarah opted for a tiny dark chocolate bunny and a pretty set of little mirrors to hang in her new room.

I had the opportunity to stop by the garden center a few times, and spotted all sorts of fun garden gnomes and other treasures, they were all on sale, and I couldn't pass up on this pretty mushroom house.

I haven't had much time to get out to the garden, but we got a mini greenhouse set up, and all the supplies for starting my seeds, which arrived last week.  I am hoping to get out in between rain showers this week to get some of the earlier veggies started.

March was an incredibly busy month, my calendar this year is an Elsa Beskow Calendar, with prints from all her wonderful children's stories, March's picture is from one of my favorite Elsa Beskow stories called Peter's Old House, and I thought this picture was fitting for our busy March.

Peter's Old House is a wonderful story about a man who helps everyone in the village, and when he needs a little help the whole town pitches in, the illustrations are wonderful, and the story is wonderful!

Today I finally flipped my calendar, time to get on with April!  I love this picture as well, I have not read this Beskow story yet, Aunt Green, Aunt Brown, and Aunt Lavendar, but the picture is beautiful and I look forward to reading this story soon.  The picture certainly inspires me to get out into my garden and get it all ready for spring and summer!

I am hoping I have a bit more free time this month, I am eager to get back to my crafting and more blogging! I hope everyone is doing well and had a nice Easter celebration. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. hello
    wonderful photo of rainbow!!!!here is the same...busy time in march and april.we have still cold weather and i hope of warmer your calendar.
    wish you a nice weekend,
    love regina

  2. How nice to see a rainbow April! Just gray and rainy here. That picture of your great grandparents is adorable. Love the dress! I think I have a Christmas book with Aunt Lavendar and Aunt Green. It sounds familiar. This year I was so busy, I didn't even take out my beloved books and read them.

  3. Jane~ Hope you get some sunshine soon. :) This year has been very busy, Easter just flew right by! I am looking forward to the slower days of late spring and summer, as well as a little more sunshine. Have a nice weekend! :)


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