Sunday, December 4, 2011

Operation Santa Claus Parade

Today was the day of our Town's annual Operation Santa Claus Parade. The first year we moved into town, during the first week of December, we found a paper bag from the local grocery store, with a note attached announcing the Operation Santa Claus Parade, and instructions to fill the bag with food drive food, as well as a time when volunteers would come around with a parade to pick it up. We filled our bag, and on the scheduled day, we were alerted to the parade's arrival by sirens sounds through town. This parade has become a Christmas tradition that I look forward to every year.

The parade lasts for 3 days, every evening for a couple of hours, the local police and fire station, along with volunteers, parade through the neighborhoods collecting the food donation bags. Our street is on one of their routes. So when we heard the sirens today, we quickly put the dogs in my bedroom (they aren't too fond of the sirens), and went outside on our front porch with our food drive bag.

One of our local police officers leads the way.

Then some of the fire station vehicles, and ambulance.

Next are the fire engines.

Here comes Santa riding on one of our town's older yellow fire trucks- I love this old fire truck! The volunteers collected our donation and passed out candy canes.

Hello Santa! Santa also visits during our Singing Christmas Tree Production at the High School every year, my daughter is in the concert choir, and Dad's been helping put together the set for the last couple of weeks. This Thursday is the first of 4 shows- can't wait!!
Here's the other yellow fire engine.
More siren's and emergency vehicles.

See you next year! I love parades, what a great way to drum up support for a food drive, as well as a fun town tradition.

Today I decided to stay home from church so I wouldn't pass my cold on to my Sunday school class, my daughter taught class for me, she does a great job. While the whole family was gone at church I unpacked more Christmas decorations.

Here are my Christmas Carolers, I have had these for years, and I love bringing them out every year.

We were a couple of days behind, but the kids started their advent calendars yesterday, I love advent calendars, when I was a child we had beautiful papers advent calenders, I was always excited to see the picture behind the door. When I was older we started getting chocolate filled advent calendars, and I have purchased these for my kids ever since they were toddlers.

Last night was the Winter Formal at the High School- Sarah and Joseph looked great, I had fun taking tons of pictures. Such a nice picture of brother and sister! They had fun along with all of their friends at the dance.

I am looking forward to lots of baking and more decorating this week. What are your community Christmas traditions?


  1. What a nice tradition your town has April! Hope they gathered lots of food for those who need it. Your children look so happy! And they color coordinate too! Oh to be young again, and have the thrill of attending winter formals. I haven't had a reason to wear any formal wear in ages. Maybe I'll have to volunteer to chaperone one, just so I can buy an evening dress! Your carolers look very Christmasy. Isn't it a wonderful time of the year? To paraphrase one of my favorite Christmas tunes, "It's that time of year when the world falls in love".

  2. Ok.. so seriously ... that is a cool tradition for your town to have!!
    It makes me want to call our mayor right now, and suggest that our little town adopt the same tradition :)

    The picture of your kiddos is adorable. What cuties!!
    Hope they had fun.

    Hope this is a great week for your family.
    Thanks again for sharing your pictures, and town traditions :)

  3. I third that. What a cool tradition!!! Wish more communities focused on giving rather than getting this time of year.

  4. What a wonderful idea!! We have a Santa parade on Christmas Eve, but they do not collect food and only go by some houses (we are lucky to be in a spot where they turn around so they go down our street as well as the street that circles behind us. I love the idea of the food drive though.

  5. Jane~ I used to love color coordinating my kids, I was very happy that Joseph picked out a gray shirt that I knew would match Sarah Gray :) I love that Christmas Carol also! I too have had no reason to wear formal clothing for quite some time- it can be fun to get dressed up!

    Kerin~ I was happily surprised with this wonderful tradition when we moved into town, so fun! Thanks for your comment, my children did have a very fun time at their dance. :)

    LovingMama~ I love traditions that focus on giving as well, giving is so important!

    Carrie~ how fun that your town has a parade as well, it is pretty fun to be on a parade route! A food drive would be a fun thing to add too it. :)

    Sue JB~ Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Wow, this is such a nice tradition your neighborhood has! Thanks for linking up to AfterSchool again. Nice to see your post here!

  7. I shared a link to this post on our blog today!!!


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