Sunday, November 6, 2011

A November Sunday

Today turned out to be a wonderful Sunday. We started out the day at church nice and early, my daughter along with other teens and young adults from the youth group led our worship in church today. They did a wonderful job, many of these kids have been at our church since they were young children, and it is so nice to see them maturing in their faith, I so enjoyed it!

After church I was pleased to walk out and find the sun shining, because I had planned an outing to a park we like to visit, after a quick stop at the fabric store.

I love the fabric store, so does my daughter, we could browse for a very long time, enjoying all of the fabric patterns. My daughter loves yarn and said she would be happy to get yarn for Christmas (noted). Normally the boys wait in the car, but we talked them into coming in with us today, we had fun walking through the store. I think it is so funny how goal oriented men are, both hubby and son wanted to know what was on the list (burlap, jute, a wire wreath form, and a "quick" glance at all of the beautiful patterned fabric) - my son is so funny, when we entered the Christmas aisle, and the new scrapbook paper section, he was wondering why on earth we were in those aisles as they didn't include anything on our list. Well, of course because browsing is half the fun, I explained. :)

I just love looking at thread- my grandma had a wonderful wooden thread spool holder, and I always had fun looking at all the wonderful colors of thread she had, as well as playing with empty spools!

I found my Burlap, and decided on three colors- standard color, brown, and one that is a little darker than the standard burlap. I am hoping to make a Thanksgiving bunting, as well as a few other crafts.

I had a hard time picking the plaid I wanted, I just love plaid!

I got everything on the list, and had a pleasant surprise in the checkout line, when a kind stranger handed me a 25% off the entire order coupon! I was really touched by that random act of kindness. :)

After our visit to the fabric store, we went to a park that we have enjoyed visiting over the years. Lots of pretty fall trees, and a beautiful wetland habitat.

I loved the sunshine through all of the trees.

All along the trees in the distance is a wonderful little stream we enjoy exploring.

I love this color of red, these branches were beautiful, and I would love to figure out what this bush is so I can have some in my garden- what great fall color this would be in a garden!

We let one of these beautiful thistle plants grow in our yard to observe during the summer, I blogged its progress all summer long, you can read one of the posts here. I was surprised to see this thistle still blooming!

The water reflected the fall trees so nicely!

Me and Gary both had fun getting a few pictures of the kids.

Such a pretty park to walk through perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll!

I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving. Psalm 69:30 (NIV)


  1. It does indeed look like a beautiful Sunday. It sounds like you have some fun craft making ahead of you. Thanks for linking to AfterSchool.

  2. Hi April! Those red branches are red bark dogwood. Wish you lived nearby so I could give you some. It grows everywhere around here and is considered a bit of a nuisance. We have lots of it growing in the hedgerows. I love spending time in the fabric and crafts stores too. Can't wait to see your bunting. That random act of kindness was quite a boon. If people would only remember to do such things more often, what a wonderful world it would be. A nice gesture like that or a compliment can really make a person's day!

  3. That sounds like such a wonderful day. Thanks for linking up with the Afterschool Blog Hop!

  4. before I forget . . the tree is of the cornus family (common name dogwood) they are at their best in the winter when the stems of which ever colour you have are bare of leaves and just glow like jewels in the lowering winter sunlight when most gardens are lacking in colour.
    talking of colour . . slight addiction to colour here, so loved seeing the spools of thread. I did not know burlap came in colours! Such a surprise as we can only get brown.
    Such a beautiful Sunday and thank you for sharing it!

  5. Thanks everyone for all of the nice comments! Thanks Jane and Celtic Heart for helping identify that beautiful red stemmed bush, I will have to keep my eye out for it at the nursery next spring! Jane, I so agree, random acts of kindness and kind words really can make someones day. Celtic Heart~ I too am addicted to color, the aisle of thread really was beautiful, as were the rows and rows of fabric, such a fun place to browse. :)

  6. Visiting from Afterschool - your pictures are so beautiful!


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