Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Favorite Bible Mini Books for Lapbooks

I would like to share with you two of my very favorite Sunday School resources. Take-Home Bible Stories Old Testament & New testament. I have found so many uses for these little books in my Sunday School class. Anytime you teach a Bible story you can print one of these little story books to match. They are reproducible-I often will shrink them down to what ever size suits my craft. I love adding these stories to lapbooks- as well as putting one on the back of a craft.

I have two wonderful crafts planned for Palm Sunday & Easter Sunday that I will be sharing in the next week. I am using the mini books for this activity as well. I also used these mini books in my Moses lapbook that you can see in my older posts. I would highly recommend these to anyone who teaches Sunday school, or homeschools- they would make a wonderful addition to your Bible curriculum.

The links to find these at are posted above.

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