Thursday, April 14, 2011

Country Sausage Enchiladas and A Spring Day

Yesterday was a typical Oregon valley spring day- we had sunshine, we had rain, and a few bursts of hail- as much as I long for the sunshine, I love a good spring hail storm. I took a few pictures of our spring flowers- I love red tulips, and grape hyacinth are my all time favorite bulbs. I love how the violas & violets (a.k.a. johnny jump-ups) persist through all sorts of weather.

It was a nice spring day, I made a lot of progress on various chores and projects I am working on.

I was planning on making enchiladas for dinner- but dinner plans had to change when we had a last minute schedule switch, and the kids and hubby had to be fed dinner and out the door in 35 minutes. No time for enchiladas, I had some ground sausage thawed out- so I thought biscuits and gravy, but no time to bake the biscuits & cook the sausage and gravy- and I was still in an enchilada mood- so I came up with a super easy and quick Country Sausage Enchilada.

Thoroughly cook a pound of ground mild sausage (BTW- if you don't eat pork or are vegetarian you can find turkey sausage, and even wonderful vegetarian sausage). While the sausage is cooking, warm the tortillas, and (gasp) make up a packet of country gravy ( you could make it from scratch, if you were not in a hurry, but those country gravy packets are so super quick and yummy I always have a few in my spice drawer). When the meat is cooked, add a can of drained and rinsed beans to the meat -black beans or white beans work the best for this recipe. Continue heating until beans are heated. Place a pile of meat mixture on tortilla, sprinkle with a small amount of shredded cheese, fold up and top with country gravy. Serve with sliced oranges or a bowl of canned mandarin oranges. Everyone loved it and said we should have it again. I think this recipe would work for any meal, even breakfast, it was very good.


  1. Boy does that look good! I'm a vegan, but they have a pretty good sausage substitute. Have to give your recipe a try. Although I haven't eaten any meat in about a year, sausage and gravy still tempts me!

  2. Thanks Jane- I was a vegetarian for about 2 years- I was able to find some pretty good sausage substitutes which I think were vegan- I bet someone out there has a good vegan gravy recipe, hopefully there would be a way to make a pretty close vegan substitute. Thanks for the comment- April


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