Saturday, October 10, 2009

Apple Festival

It has been a busy week and a half- we had a fun weekend celebrating my sons birthday together with his good friend, they are born 2 weeks apart and both turned 13 recently. My son was introduced to his first air soft war, and had a very good time playing at his friends property, then all the boys headed here for a fun sleepover. This week I also got the house decorated for Halloween- progress on my felting has been slow, I did embroider a nice felt mat to put under one of my Halloween trees. I have included pictures of a few of my Halloween decorations.

Today we enjoyed our town's annual Apple Festival- we have always visited some of this event but today was the first time I took the self-guided tours through the historic buildings- built in the mid 1800's. We had a ton of fun looking through the old farm equipment, and old kitchen stuff, the old children's toys were also cool. The buildings themselves were very fun to see, all the old style construction. We saw apple cider being pressed, tasted some good apple butter- apple cider and apple pie, and I as a needle crafter I really enjoyed the living history demonstrations of many different needle type crafts. One older women was making the most pretty lace using the old wooden bobbins- amazing! We went home with some locally grown apples which I will turn into apple butter tomorrow- all around a very fun fall weekend.

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