Saturday, October 31, 2015

Metallic Painted Pumpkins Project

I had a wonderful time this evening decorating a selection of mini pumpkins with a variety of metallic paints. This project was fun and simple and I love the way my pumpkins turned out.

Last year I had a lot of fun decorating a bunch of mini pumpkins with twine, washi tape, and glitter which you can read about by in my post from last year. I love the way they turned out, and it was probably the most fun I had ever had decorating pumpkins. Decorating pumpkins without carving them can be a nice alternative.

So this year I decided I would have fun again decorating a selection of mini pumpkins, but instead of washi tape, glitter, and twine, I decided to do a metallic paint theme. I am loving mixing different metallic colors in my decor this year, so I thought it would be fun to buy a selection of metallic paint and paint my mini pumpkins with different designs. 

I found a nice selection of Martha Stewart Metallic paint at the craft store, there were so many different colors. I was really hoping to find a rose gold, which I couldn't find, but I did find a rose chrome color that I really liked. I found multiple shades of copper, gold, chrome, silver, and more. Craft paint like this is fairly inexpensive, and they are useful for multiple projects, so it is nice to add new colors to my paint box. I also picked up some inexpensive brushes just in case painting pumpkins was hard on the brush. I also got a couple circle sponge applicators so I could make polka dots easily. I found a nice selection of mini orange pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and all the little white ones I used were from my own garden. 

I always like to use a paper plate or some other disposable tray to hold my paint, which makes cleaning up easier.

I painted all of the pumpkin's stems in coordinating paints, I painted one pumpkin with a stripe design, some I painted the top half, others I painted the bottom half. I painted two pumpkins with polka dots using my sponge applicator, which was a very easy method. I also did blended paint designs with a couple of the pumpkins. I set them out to dry on wax paper. The one that I painted the bottom half of I balanced upside down in a little cup so the bottom would dry. This project took around an hour, and I am leaving them out to dry over night.

Here is how they all turned out, each one is different, and I love the way all of the pumpkins look together, as well as on display with my metallic centerpiece on my table for Halloween. I also intend to use these little pumpkins in my Thanksgiving decor, I think they will look nice on my Thanksgiving table and sideboard.

This was a really fun and easy project, and I really love the look. I have a feeling I will enjoy using my new metallic paints for upcoming holiday projects as well! :)

Tonight after my pumpkin project, I made our traditional Halloween Layered Nachos with a sour cream spider web topping. This year I found really fun Halloween shaped tortilla chips, which definitely added a nice Halloween touch. We all spent the evening together watching Halloween shows. 

I am really looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. I will be serving a bunch of yummy appetizers and passing out lots of candy to all the trick or treaters, as well as spending time with my family. I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!

Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Halloween! :)

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  1. April,
    Love how you embellished all these pretty pumpkins!! Great job!!


  2. These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  3. Wow! Those look super cool! Thanks for linking this up to the FrugalMommas team :)


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