Monday, August 22, 2011

County Fair and Garden Update

As summer winds down we have been very busy preparing for school and getting in all of the garden produce. We also are squeezing in as many more summer fun days as we can before school starts up and we enter the fall season.

This last Saturday we had a fun day- we started out the day very early with our garage sale. We had planned to have one all summer long and decided that this weekend was it. Although it was one of our hottest days yet, we had many people stop by. By 2:00pm we had cleared out the majority of our items, sent the rest off to Goodwill, and cleared up our signs and tables.

We decided to use our earnings by heading out to the county fair. We love the county fair, we know many people who are involved in 4H and my daughter's good friend made finals in the talent show, we always run into people we know, and always have a wonderful time.

All of the different food stands put out such yummy smells- we had footlong hot dogs and teriyaki chicken for dinner.

After getting a bite to eat we spent a little time looking at the all of the birds, I love chickens so this is one of my favorite areas to look around. This was a particularly handsome Bantam Rooster.

On our way to the talent show we were planning out some of our stops for later in the evening, as well as what other fair food we would have to sample.

We got seated for the talent show, and loved listening to all the very talented singers and musicians. Here Sarah has found some of her friends from school as well as her friend Sedona who was in the talent show and did an excellent job singing!

During a break in the talent show we quickly headed over to the goat and sheep barn, and had a blast checking out all of the cute goats and sheep - so fun to pet and look at all of the different varieties.

This little cutey came up to say hello- I just love Goats!

After the talent show we decided to check out some of the rides and carnival games, we don't normally go on any of the rides, as they are pretty spendy, but we decided to all go on this one- when I was a child it was called the Gravitron, and has always been my favorite ride. The whole family agreed that it was a very fun ride, and is a great way to experience centrifugal force.

We let the kids play one carnival game- the classic pop the balloon with a dart- they both won a little stuffed alien- Sarah was happy with hers, and Joe was more than pleased to give his to me wondering what on earth he would do with a stuffed alien.

Gary's favorite stop was next- corn on the cob! We all had some yummy corn on the cob covered in butter and listened to an fun country band that was playing.

We ended the evening with one more favorite fair treat- a funnel cake- we love to share these- along with a frozen lemonade drink.

Fair time is so fun- brings me right back to my childhood, I love sharing this tradition with the family!!

Now for a garden update- today we got out to the garden for some harvesting. Sarah and Joseph brought in the last of the green beans, and cleared the garden bed so we can plant a fall crop of Kale and Swiss Chard.

We saved all of the green bean plants, and will run them over with the lawn mower to chop them up and add to the compost pile for next year.

My little corn patch is doing well, and I am looking forward to seeing them in my yard during the fall.

We brought in a bunch of large zucchini that we will turn into breads, cakes and fritters this week, and our pepper plants are all doing well. We will have a big batch of jalapeno poppers this week as well as some stuffed green peppers and green pepper and egg sandwiches (My hubbies childhood favorite). We also harvested our first ripe full sized tomato- if this sunshine keeps up we should have quite a few more over the next couple of weeks.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer- I look forward to posting some of our garden recipes later this week.


  1. What bounty from your garden! How awesome! We did really well with zucchini, not so great with tomatoes. Next year.

    Thanks for your comment on my needle felting!


  2. Your fair outing looks like so much fun! Your little garden did great didn't it? I admire that you didn't let a little thing like the lack of garden space keep you from having a one. You've set such a good example for others.

  3. Thank you Becca & Jane! Yes, my garden did really well. Gardening in a small space is a fun challenge. It is amazing how much you can fit in a small area, I am always looking for a new little spot to add something too. Thanks for your kind comments!


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