Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our New Lab Zoey

Early this year we had a new addition to the Musgrove household- a wonderful female black lab. We named her Zoey.

Gary, my hubby, is a realtor, and was helping a client with the moving process. They had purchased a dog for their 8 year old son- but the dog was too rambunctious and jumped too much- it wasn't a good match- so they wanted to find a new home for her. I have a real fondness for black labs- I just love 'em. We had to get rid of our dog Cordelia who we had a little over a year ago- because she turned out more Mastiff than lab- and was huge. I was having a difficult time training her- we felt she would be better off with a childless family- and a larger home- wonderful dog- but not the right fit. I was really sad to let her go- my dogs are like children to me- I get attached quickly. We also have another Lab- Xena- she is a little over 7 years old, but very old for her age- and doesn't really care much for other dogs. Me and Xena have been hanging out together for the last seven years- and I didn't want to disrupt her life too much- her and Cordelia didn't get along very well, and it was very stressful for her. So I was leery about trying again for another dog- but have wanted another dog for quite some time. Gary brought the dog home for a trial day to see how she would work out.

We fell in love with Zoey right away- except for our son- who although never had an allergic reaction to dogs before got hives from her when she would lick him. Since she was such a great dog- smart & sweet, and as it turned out, a pure bred w/ papers, we decided to wash her up, and wait a few days to see if Joe's allergies cleared up, which for the most part they did, he will only get hives from her if she licks him- so he just doesn't let her. Xena also seemed to tolerate her pretty well, although full of massive energy (like all lab puppies), she respects Xena's authority. Zoey is a wonderful puppy, as well as smart, I think she'll grow up to be a wonderful dog.

I will say though- puppies are a lot of work, very messy critters, and mischievous, she has ruined a few shoes, she likes to steal laundry, there was an incident with a hot/cold gel pack that she broke open, and shook around the entire bedroom in a matter of minutes, she is mesmerized by the birds in the backyard and would chase them for hours if we would let her, she also likes to "landscape" my backyard- and decided the day lilies needed to be dug up. Lab puppies are great for homes with older kids, who can tolerate boisterous jumping, and endless tennis ball throwing. Labs are lovable, but get big, Zoey is still learning not to jump on people, she gets so excited, I can see why her previous family's 8 year old wouldn't have enjoyed that.

Zoey is a loveable addition to our home- her puppy antics are endearing. She is intelligent and training her will be fun. She has been with us now for a few months, and I look forward to watching her grow up.

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