Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Favorite Homemaking Magazines

I love magazines, I have enjoyed reading many homemaking magazines over the years, and have found many wonderful recipes and tips. These are my favorite magazines- Backhome, Mother Earth News, Living Crafts, and Mary Jane Farms- they are filled with wonderful recipes, and good old fashioned homemaking ideas. Lots of tips on gardening and self-sufficiency, cooking and crafting. I have read Backhome the longest, this magazine has really inspired me in my homemaking/homesteading pursuits. I have lived in a large city, and on rural property, and now I live in a small town in a house with a small yard- these magazines have helped me grow my veggies, cook and bake wholesome foods, helped with chicken and quail raising, craft, plan my pantry, and most of all helped me to continue to dream and plan my little homestead. I hope you have the opportunity to subscribe to some of these magazines- you can find links to most of them in my favorites list off to the side, or check them out at a library, they are all great and inspirational for anyone homemaking

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